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Study on guide method of mounting and dismounting of imported bearings

Study on guide method of mounting and dismounting of imported bearings


1. The assembly site should be kept as clean as possible without dust.

2. To avoid contamination of imported bearings with dust, pollutants and moisture - pollutants have a negative impact on the operation and service life of imported bearings.

3. Check the bearing seat holes and mating surfaces on the shaft: geometric and dimensional accuracy and cleanliness.

4. Apply a little oil or grease to the mating surface of the bearing ring.

5. Make sure the shaft and housing bore have a 10-15 degree guide chamfer.

6. Do not overcool bearings: Condensation of water can lead to the bearing and bearing mating surface corrosion.

7. After installation: Fill the bearing with lubricant and check whether the bearing configuration operates normally.

Disassembly should be taken into account in the original design of the inlet bearing mounting site -- if the bearing is installed with interference fit, a disassembly groove should be arranged in the shaft or bearing seat hole to facilitate disassembly of the ring.If the removed bearing has to be reused:

1. Direct hits on bearing rings should be avoided.

2. The disassembly force should not be transmitted through the body.

3. Once the inlet bearings are removed, they should be cleaned carefully and no "violent" flames should be used.

Import bearing lubrication purpose

To prevent burning and adhesion, its lubricating functions are as follows.The lubrication purpose of rolling bearings is to reduce internal friction and friction.

Reduce friction and friction damage.

Prevent metal contact, forming the bearing ring, rolling body and the contact part of the retainer.Reduce friction and wear.

2. Prolong fatigue life.

Rolling fatigue life of inlet bearing in rotation.Extend the rolling contact surface if it is well lubricated.On the contrary, the oil viscosity is low, the oil film thickness is not good, it is shortened.

Remove friction heat and cooling.

Or heat from the outside, the circulating oil method, etc., can be used to remove heat from friction.Cooling.Prevent imported bearings from overheating and lubricating oil from aging.

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