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Centerless grinding technology for outer circle of bearing ring

Centerless grinding technology for outer circle of bearing ring


1, high speed grinding technology can improve the general production efficiency of 30%60% of grinding wheel durability about 0.71 times, high speed grinding can achieve the two goals of modern manufacturing technology to improve product quality and labor efficiency.Practice has proved that if the grinding speed is increased from 35m/ hour to 5060m/ hour.The workpiece surface roughness parameter value is reduced by about 50%.An important measure to realize high speed grinding is to increase the power of wheel drive system and the rigidity of machine tool.And the high-speed spindle unit is the most critical part of high-speed grinding machine.In high speed grinding, the grinding wheel should not only have enough strength, but also need to ensure good grinding performance to obtain high grinding effect.

2, grinding wheel grinding technology by its manufacturing of grinding wheel called grinding wheel, cubic boron nitride abrasive referred to as CBN abrasive.It mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) High hardness, high thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, can withstand the high temperature of 1300-1500°C.

(2) High durability, small wear, grinding ratio can reach 4000:10000.Grinding ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of workpiece material removed during grinding to the amount of grinding wheel wear.However, the common corundum grinding wheel is only 50-80°C. Using CBN for ring grinding is a new processing technology for bearing industry in China.The application prospect is very broad, but the following technologies need to be studied: grinding wheel manufacturing technology, dressing technology, special bearing grinding machine and grinding coolant, etc.Bearing ring grinding with CBN grinding wheel has been developed and applied in production abroad, because grinding wheel has good processing characteristics.Since 1982, grinding wheel has been widely used in Japan and has been growing rapidly.

3. Automatic dynamic balance technology of grinding wheel for external surface grinding

Due to the large grinding wheel and heterogeneous structure, grinding for the outer surface.The center of gravity of the grinding wheel system always deviates from the center of the spindle, and the vibration of the grinding wheel system and the whole machine tool will be caused by the high-speed rotation, which will directly affect the service life of the machine tool.After starting up quickly and directly close to the most balanced position, machine tool grinding wheel.Directly installed on the mechanical or other means of automatic balancing device.The breakthrough of this technology promotes the development of grinding technology, and can greatly prolong the life of grinding wheel, dressing diamond and spindle bearing, reduce the vibration of machine tool, and temporarily adhere to the original precision of machine tool.

The level of the inner surface grinding machine has symbolic significance.This is mainly because the grinding aperture limits the grinding wheel size and the corresponding system mechanism set parameters in all bearing grinding and processing equipment.The rigidity of the process system is fundamentally limited, and its machining accuracy is higher.All these require me to enter into in-depth research on the process of internal surface grinding. In addition to maximizing the cutting capacity of machine tools and grinding wheels, reducing the auxiliary grinding time is the key to improve the grinding efficiency, because the grinding interval accounts for about 10% of the entire grinding time.

5, NUMERICAL control technology and AC servo technology servo amplifier connected to constitute a servo system, AC servo motor and PLC programmable controller positioning module.The servo motor is equipped with an optical rotary encoder, and the output signal is fed back to the servo amplifier to form a semi-closed loop control system.High speed (3000rpm and low speed operation can ensure the positioning accuracy, using the servo system can complete the fast jump, fast speed, dressing and compensation, rough and fine grinding, so that the machine feed mechanism is greatly simplified, performance reliability is greatly improved.

6. The ratio of the starting and ending linear speed of ac frequency conversion speed control technology is about 3:2. The linear speed of grinding wheel in grinding is gradually reduced with the consumption of grinding wheel.Grinding wheel grinding field contour grinding speed, has been adopted in order to improve the grinding efficiency, ensure the quality of grinding consistency, function is obtained by using the programmable controller is calculated after each dressing grinding wheel grinding wheel radius, and then calculate the maintain constant linear velocity of grinding wheel input frequency converter, and transfer to ac frequency converter, thus ensuring grinding wheel linear velocity is constant.

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