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Lubrication characteristics of iron and steel metallurgical machinery (ii)

Lubrication characteristics of iron and steel metallurgical machinery (ii)


Lubrication management and use requirements of film bearing oil

(1) according to the lubrication management data of oil film bearing oil, more than half of the main causes of mechanical failure or early wear are related to the lubrication technology management.Good lubrication management, prevent friction bearings, gears and other friction moving parts from abrasions or sintering, prevent and reduce wear, reduce friction resistance, prevent the occurrence of equipment accidents, improve equipment production efficiency;The main task of lubrication management is to save energy, improve energy efficiency and increase economic benefits.

1. Lubrication management is a professional technical management, full-time lubrication technical management personnel should be set up, lubrication management system should be formulated, and lubrication technical knowledge training.

2. Under the premise of a reasonable tank capacity, keep a reasonable oil level of the tank, and often add lubricating oil to the tank, so that the oil in the tank is always at a reasonable operating oil level, which is beneficial to oil degassing, precipitation machine impurities, water separation and oil temperature reduction in the tank.

3. Regularly and locationally extract oil samples during operation, and test and test them from odor, chroma, viscosity change, water content, water separation performance, pollutant category and content, anti-foam performance, etc.When the water content in the oil entering the lubrication point exceeds 0.1%, the mechanical wear increases sharply.Lubrication beyond 0.5% will be dangerous.Make inspection records.

4. Analyze and compare each test record, predict and predict the bad lubrication state, and work out improvement or prevention measures.The alarm and interlock of oil level, oil quality, oil temperature and oil pressure should be safe and reliable to prevent the occurrence of lubrication accidents.

5. Prevent oil mixing and control oil contamination:

(1) the purchase, storage, storage, delivery and disposal of waste oil shall be subject to strict management system, which shall be carried out separately according to different varieties and brands, and shall be marked with obvious and easy to distinguish signs or marks, indicating the name, brand and date of the products.Mixing is strictly prohibited to prevent oil mixing accident caused by wrong use.

(2) in the storage and transportation, the container must be kept clean and airtight to prevent dust, impurities and rainwater from invading.It should be stored in the storeroom which is dark, cool and ventilated with fire fighting passage.When temporarily stored in the open air, the lid should be kept slightly tilted to prevent rain intrusion.Do not contact with copper, lead and other metals that promote oxidation.

(3) re-inspection of lubricating oil acceptance main items: viscosity, viscosity index, water content, anti-emulsification, extreme pressure.Cleanliness requirements of mechanical impurities within 0.01%, no moisture and sediment traces, etc.

(4) the manhole cover plate at the top of the tank should be tightly covered and not open.The filtration accuracy of the air filter is more than 100 mesh. Check and clean it regularly. The drain valve at the lower part of the oil tank is discharged regularly.Fill the oil tank with oil and apply pipeline pumping and install filters with appropriate filtration accuracy.The oil tank shall be cleaned of deposited oil sludge regularly, and the inner surface of the tank shall not be wiped with fibrous fabric.

(5) when replacing the blocked filter element, drain all the oil in the filter cartridge to prevent dirt from entering the downstream pipeline of the filter and causing serious irredeemable secondary pollution, or it will directly endanger the normal lubrication at the lubrication point.

(6) according to the color, viscosity, water, pollution and other indicators of the oil in use, change the oil according to the quality on time.

6. For units that use oil film bearing oil for the first time, in addition to the complete and thorough circulation cleaning of the original lubrication system and equipment, the following work shall be done:

(1) the standard value and the actual test value of the physical and chemical performance indexes of the oil film bearing oil are compared and analyzed with the physical and chemical indexes of the oil products of relevant manufacturers at home and abroad. Based on the working conditions of the equipment, the work plan for alternative use and the technical measures for the occurrence of accidents are worked out, so as to be foolproof.

(2) the oil department shall organize relevant technical personnel to conduct oil technical data analysis and discussion, so as to fully understand the performance of oil products and correct use methods.

(3) the mixing test of new oil and oil in use should record the objective conditions of the compatibility between the two or the occurrence of chemical reaction and the change of oil quality, and test the relevant physicochemical performance data.

(ii) requirements for the use of oil film bearing oil in the equipment:

1. Technical requirements for lubricating system device:

The lubricating device must be able to fully control the oil quality, oil temperature, oil pressure and oil level of the oil supplied to reduce the intrusion of pollutants on the line lubricating oil.The device has the following technical requirements:

(1) two oil tank equipment, one for use and one for reserve, regular switching, standby tank cleaning, oil temperature precipitation, net oil water.

(2) the tank capacity should be 35 ~ 40 times of the oil pump's per minute displacement, and some are even larger.In the case of high oil level operation, ensure that the oil stays in the tank long enough to precipitate.

(3) the oil return zone degassing plate should be installed in the oil tank to reduce the impact of refueling oil flow;Magnetic gate device - adsorption back to the oil area of the iron machine;Floating oil suction orifice - appropriate position below the liquid level;Automatic drainage device or flooding alarm device - to separate the precipitation water timely discharge;Dynamic level control - alarm or interlock for sudden release of large amount of oil.

(4) the oil supply filtration accuracy is high, and the filtration accuracy is generally required to reach 10 ~ 20 m to ensure the cleanliness of oil products.

(5) oil supply temperature should be controlled at 40±2℃ to ensure the viscosity of oil supply.

(6) the filter must exhaust the remaining air in the filter barrel before switching.

(7) the oil supply pressure should be kept constant, and the working pressure control device of the lubricating system should have high sensitivity and accuracy, so as to avoid the pressure drop caused by the pressure change, resulting in insufficient oil supply of the local lubricating system, and the wear and sintering of the oil film bearing.

(8) the pressure tank in the lubrication system must operate normally, control the reasonable value of oil filling flow and the liquid level in the tank, to partially cushion the pressure fluctuation of the system and the supply of emergency oil source.

(9) after the lubricating device starts the pump for oil supply, there should be a certain oil supply cycle time to make the temperature of the lubricating oil supply pipeline and the lubricating part of the equipment reach or close to the oil supply temperature, which is conducive to the formation of working oil film at each lubrication point.At the same time, it is also conducive to exhaust the remaining gas in the oil supply pipeline.

(10) the speed of oil heating and heating in the oil tank should not be too fast, and it is better to start the pump for oil circulation to prevent local oil overheating and deterioration.When heating precipitation water, the oil heating temperature should not exceed 65℃.

(11) it is better to start and stop the rolling mill for a longer acceleration and deceleration time, so as to reduce the impact of mechanical vibration on the oil film strength.

2. Cleaning and operation of lubricating device:

The cleaning of lubricating device is divided into two cases: newly built system and on-line operating system. Generally, the system pipe is used to conduct the washing in a circular manner.For the newly built lubricating system, the relevant technical provisions of hydraulic, pneumatic and lubricating systems shall be implemented in accordance with the ybj207-85 metallurgical machinery equipment installation construction and acceptance code of the ministry of metallurgy.The main points of cyclic flushing for on-line use are summarized as follows:

(1) exhaust the original oil in the lubricating system and equipment.

(2) clean the oil tank, check the inner wall of the tank, the coating layer or anti-rust agent coating should be intact, there should be no rust back off phenomenon, there should be no visible pollutants.

(3) the circulating flushing loop shall separate the lubrication point of the equipment from the flushing loop, and there shall be no dead corner section.Adjust the globe valve, throttle valve and pressure reducing valve in the circuit to the maximum opening degree.

(4) clean low viscosity base oil should be used for flushing oil, which is compatible with the working medium of the system.The flushing oil shall be filtered into the tank, and the filtration accuracy shall not be lower than that of the system.The temperature of flushing oil should not exceed 60℃.

(5) the flushing oil shall be in contact with the inner wall of the flushing circuit. The flushing flow rate shall make the oil flow in a turbulent state. The method of vibrating pipeline shall be adopted to enhance the flushing effect during the flushing process.

(6) separate flushing oil samples from the filter outlet pipe to the end of the oil supply main pipe for inspection.Carry out 2-3 times in a row to achieve the average cleanliness level.Oil samples are drawn strictly in accordance with the prescribed procedures, sampling containers must be clean to avoid distortion of oil samples.

(7) after the system flushing is qualified, all the flushing oil shall be removed and cleaned, and no residual liquid shall be left.In order to prevent the decline of the working oil viscosity, it is necessary to wash the working oil with the working oil again and make corresponding inspection to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating system.

(8) after the working oil is filtered into the oil tank to the high oil level, control and adjust the oil temperature, oil pressure, oil level and oil quality of the system, check the control alarm and interlock of the lubricating system, and put it into operation according to the operating regulations of the lubricating system.

In a word, the lubrication object - the mechanical equipment is well designed and made;Lubrication equipment - machinery design and manufacture of excellent quality;Lubricating device - complete and accurate control of oil quality, oil temperature, oil pressure and oil potential energy;Lubricating medium - refined oil has good physical and chemical index and stable performance.Lubrication management - rigorous and reasonable, unified theory and practice.Do a good job in four aspects of lubrication, to achieve the purpose of reasonable lubrication, increase economic benefits.

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