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Bearing parts and related products

Bearing parts and related products


Bearing parts and related parts include ball, roller, cage, bearing, adapter, ring, seal and guard.

1. The Ball

One of the rolling elements of a rolling bearing that rotates simultaneously upon contact with the track surface.Mainly made of high carbon chromium bearing steel (SUJ2), known as steel ball.Other materials used include stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, plastics and ceramics.Ball bearings for light load and high speed rotation with low energy loss can be used in all industrial machinery, transport machinery and office automation equipment for rotating parts.

2, rolle

One of the rolling elements in a rolling bearing in contact with a raceway surface line.According to its shape, it can be roughly divided into cylindrical roller, conical roller, cylinder and pinhead.When applied to heavy load, the materials used are high carbon chromium bearing steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, etc., depending on the application.

3, the cage

In addition to preventing the rolling bearings from falling off, the cage keeps the rolling bearings in the rolling bearings evenly spaced to prevent contact between the rolling elements and to help support high-speed rotation.Retainers include punch retainers (cage machines made by pressing), machine retainers (cage machines made by shaving), and molded retainers (cage machines made by injection molding, etc.).The perforated cage is mainly made of steel plate.Although the cage is mainly made of copper alloy, light alloy is also used.In recent years, plastic molding cage has also been widely used.

4. Vertical block

Bearing housing is a bearing housing with mounting legs, also known as a bearing housing.The former is easy to operate and is often used for lubricating grease.The latter is somewhat difficult to install and remove, but is better suited to high speed and heavy loading than the former.It is mainly made of cast iron and can be made of cast steel according to its application.

5, adapte

An adapter is a combination of an adapter sleeve, nut, and washer (or buckle).Used for connecting taper hole bearing to outer diameter surface of cylindrical shaft.High installation accuracy makes installation easier.

6. Position chuck

It is mainly installed in the ring groove on the outer diameter surface of the standard deep groove ball bearing and used for axial positioning of the bearing.This bearing with a retaining ring simplifies the housing structure, as shown, and is commonly used in automotive transmissions.The material is hard steel wire (SW B or SW C), and the surface is usually treated with corrosion protection.

Seal the shield

The ring prevents lubricant from leaking from inside or outside the bearing.Seals are usually made of rubber and have cores on either side of the outer ring, such as deep groove ball bearings.The cover is usually a sealed cover made of pressed metal plates attached to the outer ring, such as deep groove ball bearings, which have narrow clearance and do not contact the inner ring.

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