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Commonly used terms and definitions in the bearing industry

Commonly used terms and definitions in the bearing industry


one. Bearing:

    (1) General introduction of rolling bearings

    1. Rolling bearing rolling bearing

Bearings for rolling motion between parts that support a load and move relative to each other, including parts with raceways and rolling element groups with or without isolation or guides. It can be used to bear radial, axial or combined radial and axial loads.


    2. single row bearing

    A rolling bearing with one row of rolling elements.

    3. Double row bearing double row


    Rolling bearings with two rows of rolling elements.


    4. Multi-row bearing multi-row bearing

    For rolling bearings with more than two rows of rolling elements that bear loads in the same direction, it is best to indicate the number of rows and the type of bearing, for example: "four-row radial cylindrical roller bearing".


    5. Full complement bearing full complement bearing

    For bearings without a cage, the sum of the circumferential gaps between the rolling elements of each row is smaller than the diameter of the rolling elements and as small as possible, so that the bearing has good performance.

6. Angular contact bearing angular contact bearing

    Rolling bearings with a nominal contact angle greater than 0° but less than 90°.

    7. self-aligning bearing

    The first raceway is spherical, which can adapt to the angular deviation and angular motion between the axis lines of the two raceways.

    8. separable bearing

    Rolling bearings with separable parts.


    9. non-separable bearing

    Rolling bearings in which none of the bearing rings can be separated freely after final assembly.


    Note: No abbreviated term is specified for bearings with separate parts by different methods, eg ball bearings with double half rings (02, 01, 08).


    10. Inch bearing inch bearing

Rolling bearings whose dimensions and tolerances are expressed in imperial units at the time of original design.


    11. Open bearing open bearing

Rolling bearings without dust cover and seal ring.

12. sealed bearing

Rolling bearings with seals on one or both sides.

    13. Shielded bearing

    Rolling bearings with dust covers on one or both sides.


    14. Capped bearing

Rolling bearings with one or two seals, one or two shields and one seal and one shield.

    15. Prelubricated bearing

    Rolling bearings that have been filled with lubricant by the manufacturer.


    16. Instrument precision bearing

    Rolling bearings for instruments.


    17. Matched bearing

A pair or a set of rolling bearings.

(2) Radial bearings


    1. radial bearing

It is mainly used for rolling bearings bearing radial loads. Its nominal contact angle is between 0° and 45°. The basic parts are inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements with or without cage.


    2. radial contact bearing

    A radial rolling bearing with a nominal contact angle of 0°.


    3. Angular contact radial bearing angular contact radial bearing

    A radial rolling bearing with a nominal contact angle greater than 0° to 45°.

    4. Insert bearing

    Radial rolling bearing with outer spherical surface and wide inner ring with locking element. Primarily intended for simple shell use.


    5. tapered bore bearing

    A radial rolling bearing with a tapered bore in the inner ring.

6. Flange bearing flanged bearing

On one of its rings, it is generally a centripetal rolling bearing with an outer radial flange on the outer ring or conical outer ring.


    7. track roller (rolling bearing)

    A radial rolling bearing with a thick-section outer ring that rolls as a wheel on a guide, such as a cam guide.


    8. yoke type track roller (rolling bearing)

    Roller roller bearings equipped with a pair of flat retaining rings.

    9. Universal matching bearing

    When one or more sets of the same radial rolling bearings are randomly selected and used together, the characteristics specified in advance for pair or group installation can be obtained

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