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The characteristics and selection of outer spherical bearing with seat, what are the common bearing seats?

The characteristics and selection of outer spherical bearing with seat, what are the common bearing seats?


The outer spherical bearing with seat is a kind of bearing element which combines the rolling bearing with the bearing seat.By grease seal deep groove ball bearings and various shapes of the bearing housing combination of high-precision components.Most of the outer spherical bearings are made of spherical outer diameter and installed together with the inlet bearing seat with spherical inner hole. The structure is diverse, and the versatility and interchangeability are good.

The bearing assembly of outer spherical bearing with seat can be directly installed on the main body of the mechanical device through several bolts. It has the function of centering and can supplement grease, etc. It is a very simple product to install and use.

This kind of bearing is designed with a certain alignment, easy to install, with a double structure of the sealing device, can work in harsh environment, bearing seat is generally cast molding.Commonly used bearing seat is vertical seat (P), square seat (F), boss square seat (FS), boss round seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), slider seat (T), narrow vertical seat (PA), high center vertical seat (PH), hanging type bearing seat (FB), adjustable diamond seat (FA), etc

Characteristics of outer spherical bearing with seat

1, with automatic heart adjustment function

The outer diameter of the bearing and the inner diameter of the bearing seat are spherical, with automatic centering function between the two, which can compensate for the misalignment of the axis and the deformation of the mounting bottom caused by the installation error.

2, large load capacity

Because the internal structure of the outer spherical ball bearing is the same as that of 6200 and 6300 series deep groove ball bearings, the FS outer spherical ball bearing with seat can bear not only radial load, but also certain axial load.At the same time, the working noise of bearings is small.

3, long service life

External spherical ball bearings with seat are usually used in harsh working conditions such as dirt, dust, humidity and high temperature. The grease inside the bearing will deteriorate in a short time.Therefore, it is necessary to grease and re-lubricate the outer spherical ball bearing with the seat at an appropriate time interval, and replace the deteriorated grease with fresh grease.FS cast-iron outer spherical ball bearings have grease nozzles that can be re-lubricated to ensure perfect performance and long service life in any operating environment.

Grease can be used at normal temperature, low temperature and high temperature according to different ambient temperatures. There is an oil groove on the outer ring of the bearing to better ensure that grease can be smoothly injected into the bearing from the nozzle.

4, excellent sealing performance

Both sides of the outer spherical ball bearing are equipped with heat-resistant and oil-proof rubber sealing rings and steel plate dust-proof cover combination seals.Dust cover assembly on the bearing inner ring diameter, together with the inner ring rotation, can effectively prevent the internal external foreign body into the bearing, and can resist the external pressure to protect bearings, the combination of this consists of sealing ring and dust cover seal to prevent dirt, dust and water enter the bearing internal, also can prevent the grease inside the bearing.The bearing can maintain perfect working performance even in bad working environment.

5, strong bearing seat

Bearing seat is an integral structure, bearing seat rigidity is excellent, prevent bearing deformation in assembly, bearing seat is durable under any working conditions.The bearing seat can be made of gray cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel and other materials.

6, the bearing can be easily locked on the shaft

There are four ways to lock the bearing on the shaft. The commonly used method is to lock the elongated end of the inner ring and two set screws. It can also be locked with a set sleeve, a lock sleeve or an eccentric sleeve.These four methods can easily lock the bearing to the shaft.

7, bearing inner ring for natural heat treatment

The inner ring trench and its surrounding parts to be hardened are normally quenched. The elongated end of the inner ring with set screws is locally tempered at high temperature to maintain toughness and impact resistance.After local high temperature tempering around the screw hole of the inner ring, the bearing can obtain better performance, which can prevent the screw from loosening during the working period of the bearing. At the same time, the screw is tightly screwed and will not cause the inner ring to burst.

8, with a unique design to prevent outer ring rotation

The outer ring of the bearing is equipped with a unique stop ball. The stop pin allows the bearing to be self-aligning and prevents the outer ring from rotating, thus extending the service life of the bearing.

9, bearing and bearing seat can be completely interchangeable

Bearing and bearing seat are precision-machined, bearing and bearing seat are completely interchangeable, and the bearing can be easily replaced at any time.

10. Easy installation

The outer spherical ball bearing has been pre-injected with enough high quality grease, and the outer spherical ball bearing with seat can be directly installed on the shaft.Thus, harmful substances can be avoided from entering the bearing interior during the installation of the bearing unit.

Selection of outer spherical bearing with seat

The correct selection of spherical bearing with seat is an important link to play the performance of bearing and achieve the normal operation of main engine.The following factors should be taken into account when selecting suitable outer spherical bearing with seat to meet the requirements of host from a variety of bearings and bearing seats.

1) the structure of the machine itself on the support requirements;

2) the space of the installation part and the size of the shaft;

3) The load borne by the bearing (size, direction, nature);

4) Service life and reliability requirements of bearings;

5) Working speed (high and low, positive and negative);

6) Matching nature and fixing method of bearing and shaft;

7) supporting position, configuration and size of axial expansion and contraction;

8) Matching properties of bearing and bearing seat;

9) Requirements of ambient temperature (high and low temperature resistance);

10) Requirements for surrounding media, dustproof, moisture-proof and waterproof;

11) The importance of relubrication;

12) Noise and vibration requirements;

13) Strength requirements of bearing seat.

Maintenance of outer spherical bearing with seat


When the bearing is removed for inspection, the appearance shall be recorded by taking photos and other methods.In addition, the amount of remaining lubricant should be admitted and sampled, and then the bearing should be cleaned.


In order to distinguish whether the removed bearing can be used from scratch, it is necessary to check its standard accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and cooperation surface, raceway surface, stick frame and seal ring.The inspection effect can be distinguished by the use of habitual bearings or bearings.Other standards are judged according to the mechanical function and the importance of the inspection cycle and so on.If there is the following damage, the bearing shall not be used from scratch, it is necessary to exchange.

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