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Bearing product technical requirements

Bearing product technical requirements


1. The size and rotation accuracy tolerance of finished bearings shall meet the relevant requirements of GB/T307.1, JB/T10336 and this agreement.

2. Residual magnetism requirements should meet the requirements of JB/T6641 standard

3. Requirements for bearing clearance: we require the detection of axial clearance, the detection device is X193, the upper load is 20KG, and the lower load is 10KG. The axial clearance standards of common models are shown in Table 1. The axial clearance standards of products not listed in Table 1 need to be confirmed by us before processing.

4. Bearing cleanliness

For finished bearings after cleaning and anti-rust, the average dirt content index per set allowed by the cleanliness is in accordance with the JB/T7050 standard.

5. Rotational flexibility of finished bearings

After the bearing has been demagnetized and cleaned, it should be checked for rotation flexibility and self-alignment. The rotation process requires lightness, flexibility, and stability, and can be maintained for a certain duration without excessive vibration and sudden braking. There should be no noise during rotation, including dust noise and cage impact. The self-alignment is good, and the steel ball is not allowed to fall out of the pocket of the cage.

6. Roughness. The surface roughness of the bearing ring should meet the requirements of the drawings, and those not marked on the drawings should meet the requirements of GB /T 307.3.

7. Bearing assembly quality

7.1 After the finished parts of the bearing are assembled, they should rotate flexibly and smoothly without any blockage, interference or abnormal movement.

7.2 After the cage is pressed, no obvious misalignment, strain, crack, deformation and other defects are allowed, and the cage must not touch the ferrule when it is in the limit position.

7.3 The finished bearings should not have missing steel balls, mixed steel balls, dropped steel balls, etc.

8. Performance indicators such as bearing life, limit speed, friction torque, rigidity, and noise shall comply with our drawings and corresponding standards.

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