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Principles of oil selection for railway rolling stock

Principles of oil selection for railway rolling stock


Selection of diesel oil for railway locomotive

The railway locomotive is powerful, with over 4000 horsepower.Due to the limitation of space and weight of diesel engine oil, the main measures to improve the power are to increase the pressure and speed, shorten the stroke and increase the cylinder diameter.Therefore, the mechanical load and thermal load coefficient of the locomotive are very large, the strengthening coefficient can be as high as 70-90.Because the railway locomotive has been running in the field for a long time, the environmental conditions are very poor, and more heavy fuel is used day by day, so higher requirements are put forward for the anti-wear, anti-corrosion, high-temperature cleanness and low-temperature dispersibility of the diesel oil of railway diesel locomotive. 

According to the usage requirements and models, the following examples are given:

1. The pressurized diesel locomotive that requires to extend the service life of the oil filter can use the second generation oil with dispersion (equivalent to CC level diesel oil), such as df-4, dongfanghong, Beijing and ND4 diesel locomotive. 

2. The pressurized diesel locomotive with the requirement for improvement to prevent the sticking ring can be used to improve the third-generation oil (equivalent to the cd-grade diesel engine) that can improve the sediment cleanliness in the control ring area, such as the pressurized diesel locomotive of NY5, NY6, NY7 and ND4. 

3. For supercharged diesel locomotives that require reduced fuel consumption and use of high-sulfur fuels, they can use four generations of fairly high alkalinity and dispersability oil (equivalent to CD+ level diesel oil), such as ND5 supercharged diesel locomotives. 

2. Selection of lubricant for railway vehicles

Other lubricants for railway vehicles include gear lubrication, vehicle wheel shaft lubrication, traction motor bearing lubrication and insulation oil selection, and electrification of catenary wire and wheel rail lubrication. 

1. The lubricating gear of the gear is an important part for the locomotive or bullet train to rotate the wheel by transferring power through traction of the electromechanical pivot.80-140 gl-5 or pg-1 vehicle gear oil (the latter for higher gear) is required.

2. Rolling bearings are widely used in lubricating locomotive, bullet train, vehicle and traction motor bearings. The railway freight axle is heavy and the speed is low.At present, locomotive or bullet train bearing grease more choose 2 or 3 lithium, extreme pressure lithium or lithium calcium base fat, can also choose polyurea base fat (for high-speed locomotives).Traction motor bearings refer to, and locomotive or bullet train bearings are often used abroad the same grease.

3. The lubrication of electrified catenary wire and electronic slide board adopts the method of solid paraffin, graphite and other composite lubricants or graphite grease and metallized carbon slide board to reduce friction and wear and extend the life of wire. 

4. Improve the performance of transformer oil the oxidation stability and insulation performance of transformer oil used in locomotive are not ideal, which need to be further improved.

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