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How to solve bearing heating

How to solve bearing heating


We choose to import bearings, is for higher speed, accuracy and life

Then why do we buy imported bearings and still get hot?

Causes of bearing heating:

1) reason: low bearing accuracy

Method: select the bearing with specified precision. 

(2) reason: the spindle is bent or the box hole is different

Method: repair the spindle or box. 

(3) reason: the belt is too tight

Method: adjust the belt to make it tight properly. 

(4) reason: poor lubrication

Method: select the specified lubricating material and clean it properly. 

(5) reason: low assembly quality

Methods: to improve the assembly quality. 

(6) reason: the inner shell of the bearing runs laps

Methods: replace the bearing and related worn parts. 

(7) too much axial force

Methods: to clean and adjust the clearance between 0.2 and 0.3mm, correct the impeller balance hole diameter and verify the static balance value. 

(8) bearing damage

Method: replace the bearing. 

In fact, the root cause is to use qualified bearings and correct selection

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