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Examples Of Nitrogen Press Bearing Failure Phenomenon, Causes And Treatment

Examples Of Nitrogen Press Bearing Failure Phenomenon, Causes And Treatment


Bearing failure phenomenon of nitrogen press:

Here refers to the inside of the nitrogen pressure machine spindle radial bearing and thrust bearing combination tile serious wear and tear, spindle radial tile abrasion area was 50%, and the thrust bearing bushing at high temperatures has burned into black, thrust bearing clearance with a feeler gauge test, found that deviation, the west no clearance, on the east side clearance is 0.35 mm.

Reason of bearing failure of nitrogen press:

The main reasons are as follows:

1) Poor lubrication.① The main oil pump is damaged, leading to the decrease of oil supply pressure.② The entrance filter is blocked.③ Lubricating oil road is blocked.

2) The oil system is not clean.① The oil washing unit is not qualified.② Particulate matter is brought in.③ Lubricating oil is polluted and loses lubrication and cooling effect.

3) The clearance between spindle bush and journal is unqualified.

4) The magnetic force center of the motor rotor is appropriate, and it is not aligned well with the compressor.

5) Compressor crankshaft and connecting rod installation unqualified, horizontal or vertical error is too large.

6) The thermal expansion of the motor leads to the increase of axial force, which exceeds the bearing capacity of the thrust bearing and causes damage.

And the nitrogen pressure machine Lord bearing and thrust bearing wear failure reason: the gap between the flywheel and coupling half adjustment is undeserved, cause the connection when driving the crankshaft after unilateral smaller thrust clearance in load operation after a period of time, due to the motor temperature, the motor shaft axial thermal deformation, cause the compressor crankshaft thrust gap narrowed, until compressive thrust bearing, thrust bearing damage and temperature rise sharply.The heat generated by the wear of thrust bearing leads to the deterioration of the lubrication condition of the corresponding spindle and further causes the burning loss of the spindle.

Fault treatment of nitrogen press bearing:

1) Disassemble all the rotating parts and check whether the friction parts such as the spindle tile, the connecting rod's big head tile and the crosshead pin burn out;

2) Check whether each oil pipeline is smooth;

3) The damaged journal surface should be repaired and grinded manually to be smooth and smooth;

4) Replace the damaged thrust bearing and spindle bush, and pay attention to adjust the clearance of spindle bush;

5) Check and confirm the clearance of bearing bush;

6) The motor is re-aligned to ensure that when the motor rotor is in the magnetic center state, the crankshaft is in the center position of thrust clearance.

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