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Bearing pedestal manufacturers teach you how to overhaul fag bearings

Bearing pedestal manufacturers teach you how to overhaul fag bearings


Separate bearings, such as tapered roller bearings, can be checked separately on the raceway surface of the rolling body and outer ring.

Large bearings can not be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the appearance of rolling body, raceway surface, cage, retaining surface, etc., the higher the importance of the bearing, the more careful inspection.

When judging whether the bearing can be used again, it should be decided according to the bearing's damage degree, mechanical properties, importance, operating conditions, inspection period and other relevant factors.

However, if the following defects are found during the inspection, the bearing cannot continue to be used and a new bearing is needed.

(a) crack or notch in any of the inner ring, outer ring, rolling body or cage.

(b) any part of the ring or rolling body is broken.

(c) there are obvious abrasions on the rolling surface, retaining edge and rolling body.

(d) the retainer is visibly worn or the rivets are visibly loose.

(e) rust or scars on raceway surfaces and rolling bodies.

(f) serious indentation or bruising on the raceway surface and rolling body.

(g) there is obvious creep on the inner diameter surface of the inner ring or the outer diameter surface of the outer ring.

(h) significant discoloration due to overheating.

(I) bearings sealed with grease, sealing rings or dustproof covers are seriously damaged.


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