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Extended bearing life in demanding applications

Extended bearing life in demanding applications


This is exacerbated in applications with metal-to-metal interaction, high-speed repetitive friction, or little or no lubrication.

Fortunately, there are several carbon-based coatings that provide a unique combination of extremely high surface hardness, low coefficient of friction, and corrosion-resistant properties,

BALINIT C coating is a WC/C ductile carbide carbon coating, especially with high resistance to adhesive wear (scuffing).

Bearings are often subject to severe and unevenly distributed abrasive wear. Coatings such as BALINIT C are particularly suitable for case hardening as well as for ball and roller bearing steels, as it can be applied at temperatures up to 200°C.

PVD coating can be applied not only to inner and outer rings and cylinders, but also to balls in ball bearings, with a coating thickness of 0.5-1μm. The slight increase in roughness is offset by the good finish quality of the coating, which smooths the raceways of the inner and outer rings and provides additional protection against galling and pitting.

Bearings in soft calender rolls of paper machines are often subject to fouling. PVD coatings not only reduce the likelihood of smearing, but by making the bearings harder through the coating, it has been shown that the life of these components can be increased by three to four times. As a result, paper mills can postpone bearing replacement until the calender rolls need to be reground, significantly reducing costly production downtime.

Likewise, cylindrical roller bearings in compressors are often subjected to low loads and vibrations, leading to potential wear. Applying a PVD coating to the bearing eliminates any such possibility.

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