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Method for determining bearing replacement

Method for determining bearing replacement


The specific judgment method of whether the bearing should be repaired is as follows:

1) use bearing working condition monitoring instrument

It is the most convenient and reliable method to judge the working condition of the bearing and decide when the bearing should be repaired by using such as ferrograph or SPM or i-id - 1 bearing working condition monitoring instrument.

For example, when using hd-1 type instrument, when the pointer is close to the danger area from the warning area, but the pointer does not return after taking measures such as improving lubrication, it can be identified as the bearing itself, while not into the danger area, the bearing repair.How far from the danger area to begin repair can be adjusted by experience.

With this kind of instrument, it is safe and economical to make full use of the bearing working potential, timely repair the bearing, and avoid failure.

2) use simple tools to listen

In the absence of the above equipment, the operator can hold a tool such as a round stick or wrench to the nearest bearing of the machine shell, ears on the tool to listen to the bearing operating sound from the tool, of course, the use of medical stethoscope modification can also be. 

Normal bearing sound should be uniform, smooth and not harsh, while abnormal bearing sound should have a variety of intermittent, impact or harsh sound.First of all, we should get used to the normal sound of bearing operation, and then we can grasp and judge the abnormal sound of bearing operation, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, we can further analyze what kind of abnormal sound corresponds to what kind of abnormal bearing phenomenon.Bearing abnormal sound of many categories, difficult to describe, mainly by experience.

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