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Steps of bearing ring production

Steps of bearing ring production


The most important part of the bearing is the bearing ring, the imported bearing ring is very good, the quality is very good, so how to produce the imported bearing ring? 


1. Forging: the toughness and strength of the ring will be reduced if the ring is overburned, overheated, and the net carbide is formed in the forging process.Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the processing temperature, cyclic heating and post-forging heat dissipation conditions (such as spray cooling), etc., especially after the final forging of larger varieties of rings, the temperature above 700℃, shall not be stacked. 


2. Heat treatment: close monitoring of heat treatment equipment is an important work in the workshop. 

Monitor the reliability of equipment.The instrument, thermocouple and other important temperature controller must be closely monitored to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement data;To the error exceeds the standard to replace in time, strictly prohibited to run with disease. 


3. Monitoring the grinding process.Grinding burns and grinding cracks are not allowed on the imported bearing ring of finished products, especially on the matching surface of the taper of the inner ring.If the ring should be pickling after the full inspection, remove the burn products, serious burns can not be repaired or repair

Unqualified should be scrapped, do not allow the ring with grinding burn into the assembly process. 


4. Label management. After the steel is put into storage and before the ring grinding, each process must be strictly managed to strictly distinguish GCr15 and GCr15SiMn, two different materials and products.

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