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Matters needing attention in the use of bearings

Matters needing attention in the use of bearings


Under certain special operating conditions, bearings can obtain a longer life than traditional calculations, especially under light load conditions. These special operating conditions are when the rolling surfaces (rails and rolling elements) are effectively separated by a lubricating oil film and limit the possible surface damage caused by contamination. In fact, under ideal conditions, so-called permanent bearing life is possible.

1. Be careful when using and installing

Strong stamping is not allowed, direct hammering on the bearing is not allowed, and pressure transmission through rolling elements is not allowed.

2. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Try to use special tools and try to avoid things like cloth and short fibers.

3. Try to keep the bearing and its surrounding environment clean

Even if the invisible dust enters the bearing, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the bearing.

4. Prevent the corrosion of bearings

When taking the bearing directly by hand, it is necessary to fully wash off the sweat on the hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before handling. In the rainy season and summer, special attention should be paid to anti-rust.

Rolling bearings are precision components and must be used with corresponding care. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly, the expected high performance will not be obtained. Precautions for the use of bearings are as follows.

(1) Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean.

Even small dust, invisible to the eyes, can have a bad effect on bearings. Therefore, keep the surrounding clean so that dust does not invade the bearing.

(2) Use with caution.

If a bearing is subjected to a strong impact during use, scratches and indentations may occur, which may cause accidents. In severe cases, it will crack and break, so be careful.

(3) Use appropriate operating tools.

Avoid substituting existing tools, use the right tools.

(4) Pay attention to the corrosion of the bearing.

Sweat from hands when handling bearings can be the cause of rust. Pay attention to operate with clean hands, it is best to wear gloves as much as possible.

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