FAG with thin wall bearing lubricating grease injection rate when the knowledge of the key requirements of bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
For thin wall bearing sealing, production has to fill in at the appropriate grease, open the host Settings seal, in order to prevent the leakage of grease. Note fat content is too little, it is easy to result in the lack of fat or dry friction, impact longevity. Grease can lead to excessive temperature rise. Grease a large number of leakage, not only pollute the environment, and waste. Therefore, into the thin wall bearing grease quantity under the premise of better FAG bearing, in order to ensure adequate lubrication. Lubrication friction: the mechanical friction resistance, in the film is formed on the surface of the part. Cooling temperature, heat can be taken away by oil circulation and prevent the sintering. Clean: through the flow of oil, cleaning the surface of the friction parts and other metal production materials. Sealing leak proof: reduce the gas leakage and external contaminants. Rust, can adsorption on the surface, in order to prevent water, air, acid, harmful gases and contact area. Buffer: a sharp rise in the engine cylinder pressure, sudden increase of piston, piston pin, connecting rod and crankshaft oil load can withstand the shock load buffer. Grease lubrication is refers to the direct will apply grease to the thin wall bearing between the movement of the surface. But work in FAG bearing raceway and sliding surface input grease, must follow the following five principles: ( 1) Grease must work through the thin wall bearing surface and bearing internal space, so that the full grease lubrication. ( 2) On the surface of the work that FAG bearing should retain a certain amount of grease, and continue to a certain amount of time, but also to prevent loss of because of too much grease. ( 3) The flow of the input and the discharge of the grease should be consistent sealing requirements, it is advantageous to the invasion of sewage discharge. ( 4) As far as possible on the premise of guarantee good lubrication, reducing the amount of grease. ( 5) In grease to the end of the outlet hole, in order to make the new added grease can squeeze out the old grease, ensure good lubrication. Special remind, when to FAG bearings with grease lubrication, be sure to pay attention to the working temperature range of thin wall bearing grease, if it's not in the appropriate temperature range, the effect will be counterproductive.
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