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How to maintain bearings

How to maintain bearings


To give the bearings full play and maintain their long-term performance, we must do regular maintenance (regular inspection).It is of great significance to improve production efficiency and economy to find fault and prevent accident in time.Bearings in the factory coated with an appropriate amount of antirust oil, with antirust paper packaging.As long as the packing is not damaged, the quality of the bearings is guaranteed.However, in long-term storage, under the condition of humidity less than 65% and temperature around 20℃, it is suitable to store on the shelf 30 cm above the ground.In addition, the supervision should avoid direct sunlight or contact with the cold wall.When cleaning the bearings to disassemble inspection, first with photography and other methods to make a good appearance record.In addition, before cleaning the bearing, confirm the amount of residual lubricant and sample it.

Bearing cleaning is divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning, metal grid can be placed at the bottom of the old container.

Clean grease or binder in oil with a brush.If the bearing is rotating in oil, attention will be paid to damage to the rolling surface caused by foreign matters.

If the following damage occurs, the bearing must be replaced and not reused.

1) fracture and defects of bearing parts.

2) peeling of raceway surface.

Bearing maintenance code

First remove the wheel, remember to put the screws, put down the trouble.

Remove the bearing.Some wheel core is very tight, the bearing is difficult to disassemble, with hexagon plate hand (is to remove the screw that one) it is difficult to dig it down, rest assured, the bearing is not easy to break.

First brush the dirty surface off with a toothbrush, don't do this step, not bad.

4. Some bearing side covers are detachable, while others are not. First, determine whether the stripping is detachable.

If it's detachable, it's very simple.Using a one-word precision screwdriver, pry the c-ring open at the opening of the c-ring and remove the side cover as soon as it is removed.

If it doesn't come off, it's more trouble.In a destructive way.Pry the side cover open with a precision screwdriver and force it open.Don't doubt it, that's it, but the side cover can't be put back in.Just open one side and break both sides.

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