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The development trend of bearing fault diagnosis technology

The development trend of bearing fault diagnosis technology


Research on hybrid fault diagnosis technology

Intelligent diagnosis technology is an important research direction of imported bearing fault diagnosis technology.It is a developing trend of intelligent fault diagnosis research to combine a variety of different intelligent technologies into a hybrid diagnosis system.The combination methods mainly include the combination of rule-based expert system and neural network, the combination of case-based reasoning and neural network and fuzzy logic, the combination of neural network and expert system, etc.

2) multi-information fusion and multi-level diagnostic integration

Integrate all kinds of diagnosis knowledge in the knowledge base, combine all kinds of fault data in the database, make comprehensive analysis and judgment according to different fault situations, and locate the fault points.The information obtained from the state monitoring is fused, and then the hierarchical diagnosis model is combined to make the diagnosis according to the inference level combining depth and depth.It further integrates the signal monitoring processing in the status monitoring into the diagnosis system, carries out online data processing and online diagnosis reasoning, realizes the transformation from non-real-time diagnosis to real-time diagnosis, and also realizes the unification of information diagnosis and intelligent diagnosis.

3) remote collaborative diagnosis

Remote cooperative diagnosis of imported bearing fault based on Internet is to combine the imported bearing diagnosis technology with computer network technology, and use thousands of central computers as servers to set up status monitoring points on the key equipment of the enterprise and collect the status data of the equipment.To establish an analytical and diagnostic center in a scientific research institute with strong technical strength to provide remote technical support and guarantee for enterprises.The characteristics of cross-region remote cooperative diagnosis are the network sharing of test data, analytical methods and diagnostic knowledge, so it is necessary to enable the core part of traditional diagnostic technology (i.e., signal acquisition, signal analysis and diagnostic expert system) to run remotely on the network.

4) combination of diagnosis and control

It is the highest goal of diagnosis technology to determine the operation mode or strategy of the equipment according to the current health condition of the equipment and finally predict the failure so as to prevent the occurrence of the fault.It is combine diagnosis system and control system further, set of monitoring, diagnosis, control and management in one. It has developed from a single diagnosis to the distributed diagnosis in the system, the large amount of information, the type, the corresponding also requires a variety of data processing and diagnosis reasoning method of joint, in short, in the future research should further research on diagnosis theory and methods, establish a complete set of guiding theory and method system of fault diagnosis, the diagnostic theory and the method can be applied to the actual formation, at the same time to strengthen the research of portable diagnostic and monitoring tool, fault diagnosis is committed to create a simple platform,Establish a more humanized man-machine working environment, improve the efficiency of diagnosis, improve people's equipment management awareness, promote the application and development of imported bearings and other equipment fault diagnosis technology.

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