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If very according to the friction torque to choose the imported bearing

If very according to the friction torque to choose the imported bearing


What is the friction torque of the inlet bearing?How about the choice of imported bearing according to its friction torque?These are not difficult to understand and master, today we will share the knowledge about this. 

The friction of the imported bearing mainly consists of rolling friction and sliding friction between the rolling body and the ring raceway.Sliding friction between the cage and the rolling body and the guide surface of the ring (sliding friction between the rolling body when there is no cage);Sliding friction between the end face of the roller and the side face of the ring;Viscous resistance of lubricants;The size of the sealing device depends on the type, size, load, speed, lubrication, sealing and other factors of the bearing. 

About the choice of imported bearings, we also recommend you to read the "carefully judge the quality of imported bearings on several errors" this article introduction. 

In instruments and machinery that need low friction torque, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and aligning ball bearings are usually used to bear radial load.Single row thrust ball bearing is selected to bear bearing load. If it is under combined load, angular contact ball bearing can be used. When the load Angle is basically the same as the contact Angle, the minimum friction moment can be obtained.If the difference between the two angles is too big, the method of centripetal and thrust bearing assembly can be used to solve the problem. 

When selecting the imported bearing with low friction torque, the contact sealing device should be avoided in the structural design.At the same time, for the low friction torque bearing lubrication method, should be used drop oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil and gas lubrication.

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