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The repair method of rolling bearing is introduced

The repair method of rolling bearing is introduced


Rolling bearing is a large amount of consumption of machine parts, fan bearing daily care and regular maintenance and care manufacturing precision request is very strict, professional technical level is high, and about the most easy to get the bearing type, should be more economical than repair purchase, as long as in the following cases, just thinking about bearing to fix the problem, namely:

(1) For a large number of bearings of the same type used in large factories, the failure mode is mainly the abrasion of the rolling surface, fatigue or micro-abrasion; in particular, the damaged parts are mostly the holding frame or rolling body, while the ring or washer still has the repair value;

(2) Large and extra-large bearings that are on the verge of failure or have failed but the parts have not been seriously damaged, or valuable bearings must try to extend their effective service life;

(3) For some bearing types that are really difficult to purchase, WXING has no spare parts to repair after diagnosis of rolling bearing failure, especially bearing;

(4) The bearing has minor damage, such as fine water rust in the inventory period and fine fretting abrasion in the transportation process. It is a pity that such condition is easy to be repaired and abandoned.

In addition to economy, bearing repair is also technical, which requires the repairman to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the bearing and the characteristics of the bearing and its parts in terms of structure, technology and data. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure that the bearing repair can meet the requirements.

The economic benefit of bearing repair

Generally speaking, the type of bearing is less, the main quantity abroad is large, the price of a single bearing is high, or the structure of the bearing is simple.The larger the size, the lower the cost of repair, the higher the economic benefit.

In addition, to monitor the operation of the bearing, a systematic repair at the bearing failure line, can receive twice the result with half the effort.Following a reasonable process, using efficient repair equipment and tools, and obtaining the assistance of a professional bearing plant, will help to improve economic performance.

Second, the benefits of cooperation with professional bearing enterprises

The discovery of new information by users in the business of repairing bearings has a great impact on the design of bearings. The following benefits may be derived from the cooperation of professional bearing enterprises:

(1) Be able to understand the technical requirements of each repair process and how to ensure the overall quality of the bearings repaired,

(2) Be able to apply many special experiences of professional bearing plants, which can reliably, efficiently and economically reach process requirements;

(3) Be able to order work card quantity molds from professional bearing enterprises, and obtain the appropriate performance required for bearing grade silicon nitride, which may be more economical and save a lot of trouble for repair business;

(4) The ability to order from professional bearing enterprises such as the persistence frame, rolling body, rivets and other accessories, may make the repair work easy and economical.

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