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Does bearing installation affect life and performance

Does bearing installation affect life and performance


Bearing installation is a university asked, whether you installed is very good quality bearings or quality comparison of domestic bearing, may affect the bearing's life and properties, so when we imported bearing installation requires careful careful installation, if you don't understand the installation technology of bearing don't blind to install, they know there is no relationship.

Bearing is one of the important parts of construction machinery. Poor installation will affect its use effect and even cause the fault of construction machinery equipment.

If iron filings, burrs, dust and other foreign matter enter the inlet bearing, it will make the inlet bearing produce noise and vibration during operation, and even damage the raceway and rolling body.Therefore, before installing the imported bearings, it is necessary to ensure that the mounting surface and the mounting environment are clean.

Once the bearing is installed, alignment can cause additional loads, friction and vibration if not carefully calibrated.These may accelerate fatigue and reduce bearing life, and may damage the life of other machine parts.In addition, increased vibration and friction can significantly increase energy consumption and the risk of premature failure.

Attach importance to bearing replacement grease

Due to the variety and quality of grease are constantly improving and changing, the old equipment to use new imported grease, should be tested first, trial before formal use;When replacing the new grease, remove the waste imported grease first and clean the parts.When adding imported grease, the waste grease should be extruded until the new grease is seen at the drain.

Automobile bearing use and maintenance instructions

Bearing maintenance state inspection: the removal of the bearing with kerosene or clean gasoline, observe carefully if there is a sliding or bearing inner and outer cylinder creep phenomenon, inner and outer race of bearing surface spalling, pitting, rolling element and cage for wear and deformation, etc., according to the comprehensive situation of bearing inspection, to determine whether a bearing can continue to use.

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