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Cause of bearing life

Cause of bearing life


There may be many factors affecting the service life of the bearing, which can be further explained from the use factors and internal factors.

Use factor basically is to point to install adjust, use maintain, maintain repair wait to whether accord with technical requirement.According to the technical requirements of NSK bearing installation, use, maintenance and maintenance, monitor and check the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the bearing in operation, find out the reason immediately when abnormal is found, and adjust it to restore it to normal.Installation condition is one of the most important factors in the use of the bearing. The bearing is often improperly installed, which will lead to changes in the stress state of the whole set of bearing parts. The bearing will run under abnormal conditions and end its service life early

Internal factors mainly refer to the three major factors that determine the quality of bearing, such as structure design, manufacturing process and material quality.

The metallurgical quality of bearing materials used to be the main factor affecting the early failure of rolling bearings.With the improvement of metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing of bearing steel), the quality of raw materials has been improved.The proportion of raw material quality factor in bearing failure analysis has decreased obviously, but it is still one of the main factors affecting bearing failure.Proper material selection is still a factor to be considered in bearing failure analysis.

Bearing manufacturing generally through forging, heat treatment, turning, grinding and assembly, and other processing procedures.The rationality, advancement and stability of each processing technology will also affect the bearing life.The heat treatment and grinding process which affect the quality of the finished bearing are often more directly related to the failure of the bearing.In recent years, the study of bearing working surface modification shows that grinding technology is closely related to bearing surface quality.

The main task of bearing service life analysis is to find out the main factors causing bearing failure according to a large number of background materials, analysis data and failure forms, so as to put forward targeted improvement measures, extend the service life of the bearing, and avoid bearing sudden early failure.

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