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Bearing transition

Bearing transition


With the changes in the international situation, the world bearing trade from scratch, from small to large, countries have experienced the ups and downs, exhausted 18 kinds of martial arts, use all the skills, experienced a lot of difficult changes. 

In the first period, that is, the bearing international trade gestation stage, bearing was born into the earth at the beginning, the producer regarded as a treasure, reluctant to change hands with people;And the quantity is limited, there are no surplus deposits and loans available;The demand is not urgent, and the price is high, it is prohibitive, so the bearing market is only scratch in the mother's womb and oneself, at that time, the bearing trade is regarded as a precursor, but the very strict control, very secret technology transfer (to technology to become a shareholder in a joint venture).At best, it is the shadow period of international bearing trade.

The second period, that is, the growth period of bearing international trade, with the development of the world bearing industry, the unique role of bearing has been widely recognized by people, especially with the modernization of the means of war, all countries are in urgent need of bearing, eager to establish bearing industry, so a large number of bearing plants have appeared in various countries.In the international bearing trade, there are both spot transactions, and futures transactions, and barter trade, both spot transactions, and futures transactions, as well as barter trade, entrepot trade, etc.Especially in the second world war, bearing has been impressively as a strategic material, the axis powers and allied members are doing everything possible to get urgently needed varieties of bearings, but also to avoid encirclement, secret transport, even armed escort.However, at that time, countries only adopted measures to encourage imports and restrict imports from the point of view of the war, but there was no action to build tariff barriers to protect domestic industries.In general, although the trade order was chaotic, the competition was not fierce, and the international trade amount of bearings was limited.

The third period, the world bearing industry has become a big climate, as parts of the small bearings have an exclusive, rather large, not negligible party of the market, this is really the international bearing trade heyday.Control over 90% of the world market on the one hand a few multinational companies such as Sweden SKF, Germany FAG, INA, the United States TORRINGTON, TIMKEN, NSK, NTN, KOYO, Japan MMB, NACHI advanced technology, equipments, such as size, strength, especially Japanese companies bearing products with high quality and low price, very competitive advantage, and produce a wide variety, advanced rare bearing prize, occupy the market initiative, a large number of dumping ordinary bearing products abroad, especially in developing countries.On the other hand, many bearing enterprises in most countries of the world, which only account for a few percent of the world market, are backward in technology, insufficient in means, small in scale, low in capacity, poor in efficiency, poor in material quality and poor in precision performance. On the one hand, high-precision thin bearings will kill the domestic bearing industry, and on the other hand, they cannot afford it.Therefore, some countries have taken protective trade measures to restrict the import of long bearing, the most common way is to raise tariffs.On the one hand, the competition in the bearing market intensifies, on the other hand, the trade friction continues, which makes the bearing international trade strategy of various countries has undergone a major change.

Since the 1960s, the top ten bearing companies have started to export bearing products, equipment and technology to the form of integrated export bearing factories.Japanese companies, in particular, are the early movers.Japan's large mechanical and electrical enterprises in the main users in foreign countries, belong to the typical export-oriented enterprises, Japan small land, the market is very small, so that the car factory, motorcycle factory, machine tool factory, electrical machinery factory, electrical equipment factory have moved abroad.After all, bearings are parts, is for the main engine supporting, the main engine factory moved abroad, the parts factory should follow, this is one of the causes;Second cause is the prompting the trade friction, direct export bearings do not please painfully, do more harm than good, cause a third, countries are eager to develop the economy, encourage attract foreign technology and capital into the domestic, have developed a series of preferential policies, factory production in these countries, can enjoy many benefits, but also popular, friction from nature;The fourth reason is that most countries that choose to build factories have sufficient manpower, land resources, and cheap, and the market is vast.The fifth reason is that in recent years, the international financial market turmoil, exchange rate fluctuations, in foreign production and sales, can avoid exchange rate risk.According to data statistics, the world's top ten bearing enterprises have set up a large number of production bases in countries around the world, some will also move the old production line to foreign countries, the domestic is not suitable for the production of varieties to foreign production, this surface caused the country's internal emptiness, in fact, the country's economy has been a benefit.Although only from the export figures, some companies have declined, but in fact some companies such as NSK, NTN have 20-30% of the bearings in foreign production and sales.

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