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Proper storage and maintenance procedures for bearings

Proper storage and maintenance procedures for bearings


1, first put the bearing into gasoline to clean, wipe off the residual oil and dust on the bearing, any bearing with rust is lightly polished with metallographic sandpaper, until there is no rough feeling by hand.

2. Wipe the cleaned bearings dry with dry rags, and then soak them in anti-rust oil.In this process, the bearing should be completely in contact with anti-rust oil, do not stop rotating the bearing, so as to make the oil film formed by anti-rust oil covering the surface of the bearing, to achieve the purpose of anti-rust.

3. Lithium?Butter?It shall be uniformly coated on the surface of the bearing, including inner and outer rings, wheels and cages.Moreover, it is to wipe while rotating the bearing, so that the butter really enters into the bearing interior, to play a full lubrication effect.

The last step is packing.In order to save costs, we "turn waste into treasure", the warehouse scrap cement packaging bags, cut into the appropriate size of packaging bags, the bearing tightly wrapped, wrapped, marked the specification and model of the bearing put back on the shelf for storage.

5. Use heat sensor to monitor the working temperature of WXING imported bearings at any time.If the bearing in excess of 125 ° C for a long period of continuous transfer to reduce the bearing life.

WXING bearing is a mass production of mechanical parts, and the manufacturing precision requirements are very strict, high degree of technical specialization, for the bearing storage requirements are very strict, regardless of the temperature, moderation, and packaging are in accordance with the requirements of the code.So what is the scientific storage of bearings?

Scientific storage of WXING bearings, as long as the relative humidity in the storage room does not exceed 60%, the temperature changes little, WXING bearings can be well preserved in the original packaging for a long time.The properties of grease in bearings with sealing rings or dust shields may be affected after long storage.Bearings removed from their original packaging shall be properly protected against corrosion and contamination.

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