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The principle of cross roller bearings

The principle of cross roller bearings


According to the classification of the Bearing Association, bearings can be divided into roller bearings, ball bearings, plain bearings, outer spherical bearings, linear motion bearings, automobile constant velocity universal joints, and other bearings. Cross roller bearing is a sub-industry in bearing classification. There are many different kinds of cross roller bearings according to different standards. XSU series is a basic series with large market usage. This paper takes the XSU series as an example to explain in detail.

Cross roller bearing principle structure

The internal structure of the cross roller bearing is that the rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other at 90°, and the interval retainer or isolation block is arranged between the rollers. These spacer retainers or isolation blocks prevent the rollers from tilting or rubbing against each other, which effectively prevents the increase in rotary torque. Also, avoid the occurrence of one side of the roller contact phenomenon or locking phenomenon. Because the inner and outer rings are segmented, the clearance can be adjusted to obtain high precision rotary motion even when preloading is applied.Rollers in a 90° V groove rolling surface perpendicular to each other, this design makes the cross roller bearing can withstand larger radial load, axial load.

 Features and advantages of cross roller bearings

1, the cross roller bearing has a strong, non-separable inner ring and outer ring structure, which can easily achieve high stiffness and precision, without being affected by the surrounding structure. Bearings are suitable for medium to high speeds and are fitted with separators between cylindrical rollers to provide smooth rotation.

2, cross roller shaft with high rigidity, accuracy, and ease to install. Mounting holes allow them to be quickly fixed to the assembly. This type of cylindrical roller is also equipped with dividers between them.

3. The outer diameter of the cross roller bearing is small and the width is narrow. Cross roller bearings can also be used if high performance is required and takes up less space, as these elongated bearings can be used with holders, separators, or complete component internal structures compared to the id.

Because the cross roller bearing is divided into two parts of the outer ring or inner ring, after loading the roller and holder, is fixed together, so the installation of the operation is very simple, and the high precision characteristics of the cross roller bearing, the accuracy can reach P4/P2 level, the volume is smaller so that the main engine more space-saving.

The market prospect of cross roller bearings

Cross roller bearings can be widely used in the following industries:

A machine tool industry turret knife indexing, indexing plate, loader part;

B. Rotation and joint drive of the robot industry;

C, the robot industry handling robot, inspection platform part;

cross roller bearings

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