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Steam turbine bearing block

Steam turbine bearing block


The turbine has a total of eight support bearings.The # 1 bearing, # 2, # 3 bearing and # 4 bearing are located in the front bearing seat, middle bearing seat and # 3 bearing seat respectively, which support the high-pressure cylinder rotor and the medium-pressure cylinder rotor respectively.The # 5 bearing, the # 6 bearing, the # 7 bearing and the # 8 bearing are located in the bearing seat between and at both ends of the low pressure cylinder A and B respectively, supporting the rotors of the low pressure cylinder A and B respectively.The generator also has two end - cover bearings to support the generator rotor.The thrust bearing is located in the middle bearing seat and is matched with the thrust plate at the front of the middle pressure cylinder rotor to assume the axial thrust of the turbine.To ensure that each supporting bearing can be accurately aligned at all times, the bearing is designed to be self-aligning.

The front bearing seat, the middle bearing seat and the # 3 bearing seat are installed separately on the basis of the steam turbine. The high and medium pressure cylinders are supported on the bearing seat by their respective cat claws.Front bearing seat, middle bearing seat and # 3 bearing seat are provided with longitudinal pins on the bottom center line, and a pair of horizontal pins are provided under # 3 bearing seat.The front bearing seat is equipped with # 1 bearing, main oil pump, critical block and speed measuring device, while the middle bearing seat contains # 2 and 3 bearings, thrust bearings and their wear detection devices, as well as high and medium pressure rotor couplings.

The four bearing seats of the low-pressure cylinder and the low-pressure cylinder are welded into an integral whole. The bearing seat and the low-pressure cylinder are located on the base plate of the turbine. Longitudinal pins are arranged on the center line of the bottom of each bearing seat to ensure their free expansion in the longitudinal direction.

In order to facilitate adjustment, the bearing base is provided with spacers that can be easily removed or replaced to ensure accurate alignment during assembly, and the bearing housing is fixed with a stop pin to prevent axial movement.The bearing is inlaid with high quality babbitt alloy blocks which are strictly controlled and fixed to the bearing by dovetail groove.

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