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Improve the precision of bearing clearance measurement

Improve the precision of bearing clearance measurement


Motor clearance measuring tool, measuring the bore diameter of the bearing between 56 and 200 mm, clearance error value is only 0.01 mm, compared with the traditional motor maintenance method used in the lead wire method and plug method, the volume is smaller, more convenient to use, the measurement accuracy is high, wide range, basically can meet the needs of measuring a variety of bearing clearance.

In the thermal power plant, the motor is the main auxiliary equipment as the power source to ensure the normal operation of the unit.After statistical analysis, xie and his QC team found motor faults caused by bearing damage of more than 60%.

How to reduce the bearing failure rate?The qualification of bearing clearance is the key factor.Clearance is the distance that a bearing ring moves relative to another bearing ring. The clearance value does not meet the technical standard, which will affect the reasonable distribution of load between rolling bodies and reduce the rotation accuracy and service life of the bearing.

The commonly used methods for measuring the bearing clearance include the feeler test and the lead wire test.Xie and his QC team put their heads together and flexibly borrowed the working principle of similar special tools, using the bearing inner ring

The fixed seat will fix the inner ring of the bearing under test, measure the maximum radial activity of the outer ring of the bearing under test, and then measure the bearing clearance value.The measuring instrument is composed of the base, the bearing inner ring fixing seat (upper and lower), the locking nut, the dial indicator, the magnetic table holder, the table frame and other parts.When using the measured bearing flat, in bearing inner ring within the fixed seat, twist lock nut, the tested bearing inner ring is fixed, reoccupy magnetic table, table carriage will dial indicator is fixed in the center of the measuring tool base line, make table tip in contact with the measured surface of the bearing outer ring and vertical, horizontal sliding back and forth with the hand bearing outer ring, the dial indicator pointer swing range is tested bearing clearance value.

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