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Three important factors influence the life of sliding bearing block

Three important factors influence the life of sliding bearing block


Each ring of the bearing is structurally provided with a continuous groove raceway whose cross section is approximately one third of the length of the equatorial circumference of the ball.Bearings are mainly used to bear radial load, but also can withstand a certain axial load.When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the property of sliding bearing seat and can bear the axial load alternating in two directions.Compared with other types of bearings of the same size, the friction coefficient of this type of bearings is small, the limit speed is high, and the accuracy is high.The bearing structure is simple and easy to use.

First of all, reasonable structure design at the same time has advanced, will have a longer bearing life.The manufacture of bearings usually goes through forging, heat treatment, turning, grinding and assembly, and so on.The rationality, advancement and stability of each processing technology will also affect the life of the bearing.The heat treatment and grinding process which affect the quality of the finished sliding bearing are often more directly related to the failure of the bearing.In recent years, the study on the metamorphic layer of the bearing working surface shows that the grinding process is closely related to the bearing surface quality.

The metallurgical quality of bearing material used to be the main factor affecting the early failure of rolling bearings.With the progress of metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing of bearing steel), the quality of raw materials has been improved.The proportion of raw material quality factor in the failure analysis of sliding bearing block has decreased obviously, but it is still one of the main influencing factors of bearing failure.Proper material selection is still a factor that must be considered in bearing failure analysis.

The main task of bearing failure analysis is to find out the main factors that cause the failure of sliding bearing seat according to a large number of background materials, analysis data and failure forms, so as to propose targeted improvement measures to extend the service period of bearing and avoid the early failure of sudden bearing.

The raceway surface of bearing 1 rotation, inner ring and outer ring is in rolling contact with the rolling body, so the running track is a dark surface. The running track attached to the raceway surface is not abnormal, thus the load condition can be known. Therefore, in the case of disassembling the sliding bearing seat, please pay close attention to and observe the running track surface.If you look closely at the trajectory, you can see that you only have radial loads, you have large axial loads, you have torque loads, or you have extreme stiffness inequalities on the bearing boxes.It can be said that these reasons overlap with each other more often.Therefore, on the basis of a full understanding of the machine used by the bearing, the conditions of use and the structure of the bearing periphery, if the situation before and after the accident can be made clear, and then combined with the sliding bearing seat of the damage situation and a variety of reasons to investigate, can prevent the recurrence of the same accident.

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