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How to do the unexpected shutdown caused by the wear of the bearing position of the reversing roller

How to do the unexpected shutdown caused by the wear of the bearing position of the reversing roller


The change to the drum, also known as the guide drum, is a common key part of the belt conveyor, mainly used to change the direction of the conveyor belt or pressure the conveyor belt to increase the Angle of the transmission drum.

The unexpected shutdown was caused by abnormal noise, vibration, and the sharp rise in temperature during the operation of the bearing position wear of a reversing roller in an enterprise. The equipment data is as follows:

Fit form: tight set set fit;Journal size: Ø360mm;Bearing model: 23276AK/W33;Set set: OH2376H;Lock nut model: HM3176;Lock piece: MS3176;Bearing brand: FAG;Wear: 0.5~1.5mm;Operating temperature: 50~60°C;Speed: below 100r/min.After the cover of the bearing seat and the end cover, it was found that the inner and outer rings of the bearing were all broken, the cage was broken, the sealing part of the rear end cover was crushed by the ball, and the shaft journal was worn. This section of the belt belongs to the key equipment. Once the machine is shut down, nearly 5km of belts in the upstream and downstream will all stop running.

Traditional restoration techniques:

By repairing the wear of the bearing position of the reversing roller, the roundness of the journal is lost, and the matching area between the journal and the fixed sleeve is reduced, resulting in secondary wear due to the formation of the high point support state. In addition, the equipment manager also uses the way of the copper pad to solve this problem, but this way can not meet the matching relationship between the tight set sleeve and the shaft, can not solve the lack of matching surface or contact surface, can not solve the root cause of wear.

Solei carbon nano polymer material repair process:

After repair, the material can meet the fit relationship between the tight set sleeve and the shaft and avoid the possibility of re-wear. At the same time, the material has good compressive performance, which can meet the radial tension sustained by the reversing roller in the process of operation. And this technology can realize online quick repair, reduce or avoid disassembly, greatly shorten the downtime of enterprises.

The field repair process of the worn bearing position of reversing roller:

1. Remove the oxide layer on the surface of the bearing position and make the surface clean and rough; Clean the surface with anhydrous ethanol;

2. Clean the inner ring of the set sleeve with anhydrous ethanol and wipe the SD7000 release agent;

3. Calculate the amount of carbon nanopolymer material, and harmonize it in strict accordance with the volume ratio until it is uniform and without a color difference;

4. Apply the well-tempered material evenly to the surface of the bearing position, and the coating thickness is greater than the unilateral wear amount;

5. The material is solidified, the excess material is removed, the bearing is reloaded, and the start-up operation is completed.

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