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Notes for application design of variable speed bearing

Notes for application design of variable speed bearing


1, variable speed transmission bearing shape and connection size reference

2, variable speed drive bearings can be placed horizontally, or vertically or tilt placement.You can rotate backwards and forwards.Reversible input/output power (i.e., deceleration or growth rate).

3. No matter which installation method is adopted, the variable speed transmission bearing has size matching requirements with its connecting parts.

Recommended use:

Fit the inner ring hole d with the shaft according to H7/h6;

Center ring upper pin hole do and drive fit by H7/r6;

The coordination between outer ring D and the shell is H8/h7;

The hole on the transmission and output shaft is matched with clearance. The clearance is 0.2~0.5mm.

4. Axial positioning of variable speed drive bearing: after axial positioning of one of the three laps, no axial positioning is needed for the other two shafts.

5. Rotation direction positioning;Outer ring and inner ring are flat key positioning.The middle ring is positioned using the drive

6. The variable speed drive bearing can bear small external forces in the radial direction, as shown in FIG. 5, but it is not suitable to bear large working load.

7, transmission ratio, are according to the first installation mode of transmission ratio.If other installation methods are used, the transmission ratio should be calculated according to table 1.

8. At rated speed (1500rpm), according to the transmission ratio and required power (Kw), select the type of variable speed drive bearing according to table 2.

9. When taking the working torque as the basis, select the model according to table 3.

10. The selection of reducer model is consistent with the model of variable speed transmission bearing.

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