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Production characteristics of rolling bearing parts

Production characteristics of rolling bearing parts


Compared with general mechanical parts, bearing parts are short and thin rotary surface body, the rotary body determines the processing machine is relatively simple, the vast majority of the lathe and grinder;Short and thin determine its axial stiffness is good, the axial deformation can be ignored, the radial stiffness is poor, the processing method should have special consideration. 

Although the structure of rolling bearing parts is simple, but the technical requirements are high, so it has the following processing characteristics:

1. Most of the surface of precision machining bearing parts need to go through grinding, and the grinding size and geometric precision are in units of m, especially the raceway and rolling body of the ring have higher precision, requiring super finishing or grinding. 

2. Multi-process processing of bearing parts requires high production processes.General bearing production needs 20 ~ 40 procedures, more than 70. 

3. The working surface of forming processing bearing parts is rotary forming surface, which is suitable for forming processing.Such as ring raceway forging rolling and grinding, are used to shape the cutter or anti - mold plate processing. 

In addition, the vast majority of the bearing are standardized products, the same type of bearing demand is very big, in order to improve the productivity, reduce costs, ensure the quality and the widespread adoption of new technology, improve the level of mechanization and automation, bearing company usually is according to the bearing types and varieties for mass production, even can establish special automatic line or lines of production.

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