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Bearing mounting

Bearing mounting


Clean the bearing and related parts

For grease lubricated bearings and oil seal or dustproof cover on both sides, there is no need to clean the sealing ring bearings before installation.

2. Check the dimensions and finishing conditions of relevant parts

Three, installation method

The bearing shall be installed according to the bearing structure, size and the matching nature of bearing parts. The pressure shall be directly added to the end face of the tightly matched ring, and the pressure shall not be transferred through the rolling body.

A. Press fit

Bearing inner ring and shaft tight fit, outer ring and bearing hole is a loose fit, press the bearing to be pressed on the shaft are available, and then put the shaft together with the bearing load bearing hole, when pressed on the bearing inner ring end face, cushion the assembling casing made of a soft metal material (copper or mild steel), the inner diameter of the casing assembly should be slightly larger than the diameter of a journal, outside diameter than the bearing inner ring guard slightly smaller, in order to avoid pressure in keeping the frame.The bearing outer ring is closely matched with the bearing seat hole. When the inner ring is loose with the shaft, the bearing can be pressed into the bearing seat hole first. At this time, the outer diameter of the sleeve assembly should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole.If the bearing ring is closely matched with the shaft and seat hole, the inner ring and outer ring shall be pressed into the shaft and seat hole at the same time, and the structure of the assembly sleeve shall be able to tighten the end faces of the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing at the same time.

B. Heat to match

Installation method of changing a tight fit to a loose fit by heating the bearing or bearing housing and utilizing thermal expansion.Is a common and labor-saving installation method.This method is suitable for the installation of bearings with large interference. Before hot loading, put the rings of bearings or separable bearings into the oil tank and heat them evenly at 80-100℃. Then take them out of the oil and install them on the shaft as soon as possible.When the outer ring of bearing is closely matched with the bearing seat made of light metal, the heat loading method of heating the bearing seat can avoid the abrasion of the matching surface.Heating tank with bearing and should be at a certain distance from the bottom of a mesh, or hanging hooks in the bearings, bearing on the bottom, in case of heavy impurities into the bearing or uneven heating, fuel tank must have a thermometer, strictly control the oil temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃, in order to prevent the tempering effect, reduce the hardness of the ring.C. installation of tapered bore bearings

Cone hole can be directly installed in a shaft with taper bearing neck, or load set set of the cone, and the withdrawal of the tightness of cooperate bearing radial clearance reduction is available to measure, therefore, before installation should be measured bearing radial clearance, the installation process should often measure the clearance in order to meet the need of clearance reduction is, commonly used while installing lock nut installation, also can adopt the method of heating installation. 

D. Installation of thrust bearing

The comprehensive and shaft of the thrust bearing is generally a transition fit, the seat ring and bearing seat hole is generally a clearance fit, so this bearing is easier to install, two-way thrust bearing shaft spring should be fixed on the shaft, in order to prevent rotation relative to the shaft.Bearing installation method, generally, is the majority of the shaft rotation, so the inner ring and the shaft for over-win cooperation, bearing outer ring and the bearing chamber for clearance cooperation. 

Inspection of bearing after installation

Add lubricant



Installation of high speed precision angular contact ball bearings

High speed precision angular contact ball bearing, mainly used for high speed rotating occasions with light load, high precision, high speed, low temperature rise and low vibration and certain service life of the bearing are required.It is often used as a supporting part of high speed motorized spindle in pairs.

Main technical indicators:

1. Bearing accuracy index: over GB/307.1-94 P4 accuracy

2. High speed performance index: dmN value of 1.3~1.8x 106 /min

3. Service life (average) : > 1500 h

The service life of high-speed precision angular contact ball bearing is closely related to the installation. The following matters should be noted:

1. The bearing shall be installed in a clean and clean room. The bearing shall be carefully selected and matched.

2. The bearing should be cleaned before installation. When cleaning, the inner ring slope is up, the hand induction is flexible, and there is no sense of stagnation.

3. Special tools should be used for bearing installation, and the force should be even.

4. The bearing shall be stored with clean ventilation, no corrosive gas, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 65%. Long-term storage shall be regularly rust-proof. 



Installation of tapered roller bearing, pump shaft and bearing

I. bearing installation: bearing installation must be carried out under dry and clean environmental conditions.Before installation, the machining quality of the mating surface of the shaft and housing, the end face of the shoulder, the groove and the connecting surface shall be carefully checked.All mating surfaces must be carefully cleaned and burr removed. The raw surface of the casting must be cleaned of molding sand.

Bearings should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene before installation and used after drying to ensure good lubrication. Bearings are generally lubricated with grease or oil.When using grease lubrication, should choose no impurities, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, extreme pressure and other properties of superior grease.The filling amount of grease is 30%-60% of the capacity of bearing and bearing box.The double row tapered roller bearings with sealing structure and the pump shaft bearing have been filled with grease, the user can use directly, can not be cleaned.

Bearing installation, it must be in the ring width on the circumference of a circle of equal pressure, to press the ring into, can not use ð ¨ +  top tools directly on bearing face, in order to avoid damageIn the case of a small amount of interference, but at room temperature with the sleeve pin bearing ring end face, with a ð ¨ +  head banging on sleeve, through the sleeve ring is balancedIf a large number of installation, can use hydraulic press.When pressed, the end face of the outer ring and the end face of the shell shoulder shall be ensured, and the end face of the inner ring and the end face of the shaft shoulder shall be pressed tightly, and no gap shall be allowed.

When the interference is large, oil bath heating or inductor heating bearing method can be used to install, heating temperature range of 80℃-100℃, the maximum can not exceed 120℃.At the same time, a nut or other suitable method is applied to tighten the bearing to prevent the bearing from contracting in the width direction after cooling, resulting in a gap between the ring and the shaft shoulder.

Clearance adjustment should be made at the end of installation of single row tapered roller bearings.Clearance values should be determined according to different operating conditions and the size of interference.If necessary, it shall be confirmed by test.Double row tapered roller bearings and water pump shaft bearing have been adjusted in factory clearance, installation is not necessary to adjust.After the bearing is installed, the rotation test should be carried out. First, it should be used for rotating shaft or bearing box. If there is no abnormality, it should be operated at a no-load and low speed by power.Delivery after normal operation test.

Disassembly of bearing: when the bearing is disassembled and intended to continue to be used, the appropriate disassembly tool shall be used.When the interference fit ring is removed, the tension can only be added to the ring, and the disassembly force must not be transferred through the rolling body, otherwise the rolling body and raceway will be crushed. 

Iii. Service environment of the bearing: according to the service position, service conditions and environmental conditions, choose the specification, size and precision. The suitable bearing is the premise to guarantee the service life and reliability of the bearing.

1, use location: taper roller bearing is suitable for bearing radial load mainly radial and axial joint load, usually with two sets of bearings paired use, mainly in the front and rear hub of the car, active cone gear, differential, reducer and other driving parts.

2. Allowable speed: in the environment of correct installation and good lubrication, it is allowed to be 0.3-0.5 times of the bearing limit speed.Under normal circumstances, 0.2 times of the limit speed is the most appropriate.

3, allowable inclination Angle: tapered roller bearings are generally not allowed to tilt the shaft relative to the housing hole, if there is a tilt, the maximum is not more than 2 '.

4. Allowable temperature: under the condition of normal load, high temperature resistance and sufficient lubrication, the bearing is generally allowed to work at the ambient temperature of -30℃-150℃.

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