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The Structural Features Of The Outer Spherical Bearing With The Sealing Triangle Belt Seat Are Strengthened

The Structural Features Of The Outer Spherical Bearing With The Sealing Triangle Belt Seat Are Strengthened


The triangular belt pedestal outer spherical bearing structure with enhanced sealing is composed of bearing pedestal, outer spherical bearing, casting dust cover and oil seal, as shown in Fig. 1 below.

Structural features of the outer spherical bearing with reinforced sealing triangle belt seat:

1. Adopt spherical bearing structure with triangular belt seat

In order to meet the structural requirements of agricultural machinery, the type of outer spherical bearing with seat is designed, which is composed of outer spherical ball bearing and a bearing pedestal. The outer ring of the bearing has a spherical outer diameter, which is matched with the concave spherical inner hole of the bearing pedestal. It has the function of automatic self-aligning, and is suitable for the through shaft with poor rigidity and large disturbance.The bearing housing design is triangular cast bearing housing (Figure 2). The bearings are AEL series spherical ball bearings with eccentric sleeve with automatic aligning, easy installation and perfect sealing structure. The main feature of this bearing is that the upper end of the bearing has a certain degree of eccentricity and the same degree of eccentricity is matched with the eccentric sleeve.

Compared with UC series external spherical ball bearings with top wire, this kind of bearing has strong locking torque, especially suitable for agricultural machinery with long shaft and large winding degree and violent pulsation.The bearing has a sealing ring and has good sealing performance.The bearing has been filled with high quality grease when leaving the factory, which has good lubrication and antirust function.In use, it can also be added through the oil filling hole to effectively ensure the service life of the bearing.

2. The casting dust cover and oil seal are designed

Due to the harsh environmental conditions of agricultural machinery, bearings require high sealing performance to ensure use.For this reason, a casting dust cover is designed on both sides of the triangular bearing seat (Fig. 3).This dust cover has high strength and can resist the impact of large hard soil blocks and sand.Because there is a small gap between the shaft and the inner diameter of the dust cover, it can also effectively prevent large soil blocks and sand from entering the inner bearing.

The internal design of the dust cover is installed with a sealed skeleton type oil seal to strengthen the seal.Because the inner diameter of the oil seal is smaller than that of the shaft journal, there is a certain amount of interference. After the oil seal is installed on the shaft, the pressure on the cutting edge and the contraction force of the self-tightening spring produce a certain radial holding force on the sealing shaft, break the leak gap, and prevent the entry of soil and sand water outside the bearing.The oil seal has the advantages of small installation position, small axial size, compact structure, good sealing performance and long service life.

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