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The unique importance of cleaning FAG bearings

The unique importance of cleaning FAG bearings


How do you clean FAG bearings?During the use of FAG bearings, regular cleaning is very important.So how to properly clean the FAG bearings?Now let me introduce it to you

When removing the FAG bearing for inspection, make the appearance record by means of photography.Also, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing.

The cleaning of the bearings is divided into rough washing and fine washing, and the bottom of the container can be placed on the metal network.

For rough washing, remove grease or stickiness in oil with a brush, etc.If the bearing is rotated in oil at this time, note that the rolling surface will be damaged due to foreign matter.

In fine washing, turn the bearing slowly in oil and carefully.

Usually the use of cleaning agents for neutral water diesel or kerosene, according to the need sometimes also use warm lye.No matter what detergent you use, always filter to keep clean.

After cleaning, apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease to the FAG bearing immediately.

A. It is important to keep the bearings clean and lubricated.

B. Clean the surface of the machine before inspection, and then remove the parts around the bearing.Oil seal is a fragile part, so it should be carefully removed, do not apply excessive force, and then carefully check the oil seal and surrounding parts, if it has shown bad symptoms, be sure to replace, poor oil seal will cause damage to the bearing and severe equipment shutdown.

C. Check the lubricant

Rub with a little lubricant between your fingers. If there is any contaminant, feel it. Or apply a thin layer of lubricant to the back of your hand and then seal it for inspection.

D. Change the lubricant

After removing the old oil, if possible, add fresh oil and allow the machine to rotate at low speed for a few minutes.Collect residual contaminants as much as possible and then remove the oil, which is best filtered before use.Grease - lubricated bearings in the replacement of grease should be used to avoid the use of cotton with the Angle to any part of the bearing, because these residual fibers may wedge between the rolling parts and cause damage, especially in small bearing applications need to pay attention to this problem.

If unmasked bearings are cleaned without disassembly and inspection is possible, clean them with a coated brush dipped in white Spirit, then dry them with a hairless cloth or blow dry them with compressed air (be careful not to allow the bearing assembly to start and rotate).

Use a small mirror and a probe similar to that used by dentists to examine the bearings' track surfaces, retainers and beads.

Do not clean the bearings with encrypted seals or dustproof;Just wipe the external surface.If the bearing is damaged, it should be replaced.Replacing bearings during regular downtime is far more economical than selecting for sudden downtime due to array damage.

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