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Bearing heater

Bearing heater


I. working principle

1. Short-circuit heating main machine is a transformer of special structure, and movable yoke iron is used to directly Pierce the sleeve bearing or other heated workpiece.When working, the main power supply is switched on, and the workpiece (equivalent to the secondary winding) is heated due to the induction of short-circuit current. 

The workpiece is heated by eddy current and the iron core of the host machine forms a closed magnetic circuit. When working, the workpiece is heated rapidly due to the eddy current generated by the magnetic force line of the host machine.

Two, installation and debugging

1. Place yoke iron on the end face of the main engine core.

2, check whether the plug and socket connection is consistent, grounding should be good, and then plug into a power socket with a control switch.

3. Turn the function selection switch to the hand-controlled position, close the power supply, and the red indicator light will be on.

4. Press the start button, the main engine will be powered on, then the green light will turn on and the red light will go out;Press the stop button and the red light goes on and the green light goes out.At this point, the debugging is over and can be put into use.

Three, operating procedures

1. According to the bore diameter of the bearing, select the yoke iron corresponding to the bore bore of the bearing, and place the yoke iron connected with the bearing on the end face of the main engine iron core.

2. During the heating process, use a point thermometer to measure the temperature rise at the plane of the inner ring end of the bearing.When the temperature rise meets the requirements, check the time count, stop heating, remove yoke iron, remove the bearing can be assembled.

3. Continuously heat the bearing of the same specification, turn the function selection switch to the time-controlled position, and set the heating time. When the bearing is heated to the set time, the power will be automatically turned off.

4. After the work is completed, the function selection switch is pushed to the stop position and the position is cut off.

Universal bearing heater features

Fully functional and easy to operate: temperature control, time control, temperature, continuous installation, in short bar, automatic demagnetization, voltage regulation, signal robust operation and error warning functions;Clear at a glance, easy to operate and demonstrate.

Safety: 1, according to the standard of the German electrical engineering design association;2. Overcurrent and fault protection circuit;3, only the metal parts are hot, will not lose lubricant;4, do not hit the impact, prolong the service life of the workpiece.

High thermal efficiency: high heating speed, high efficiency 98%.According to the traditional way of saving more than 80% of the hot oil, the statistical saving is more than 60% of the bearing heating.

Intelligent operation process, high precision: the operation process is controlled by the microcomputer, convenient maintenance, modular design, automatic scheme, soft start and soft stop, automatic calibration of heating speed.

Product durability: product development and design is scientific and reasonable, good quality and internal components, keyboard dustproof water and oil, longer service life than other bearing heaters.

Wide range of use: the bearing heater is not only used for bearings, but also for the installation of sealed oil bearing, gear, tooth rod, sealing ring, spacer, piston, shaft sleeve, transmission belt wheel, gasket, etc.

The products are practical and have a complete range of models: from 2.0KVA to 100KVA.The suitcase with 2KVA is put in, and the one with more than 14KVA is put in a trolley, which is convenient for on-site construction.

Environmental protection: the use of renewable resources, clean and smokeless coke, tasteless, no waste and other power consumption.Improving workers' working environment not only reduces labor intensity, but also improves assembly and production schedule, which can help enterprises achieve sustainable development.

Characteristics and advantages of universal bearing heater

1. Complete functions and easy operation: temperature control, time control, temperature maintenance, continuous installation, upper choke assembly, automatic demagnetization, voltage adjustment, sound signal and error operation prompt, etc.All the display bearings at a glance, easy to operate.

Ii. Safety

(I) own safety: 1. Design according to the standard of German electric power engineering association;2. Over current and fault protection circuit.(2) workpiece safety: 1. Heat only the metal parts without losing lubricant;2, do not knock impact, prolong the service life of the workpiece. 

3. High thermal efficiency: the heating speed is fast, and the efficiency is as high as 98%.According to statistics, it can save 80% electricity and more than 60% electricity than the traditional oil heating method.

4. Intelligent operation process, high accuracy: the operation process is controlled by microcomputer, module design for easy maintenance, automatic control program, soft start and soft stop, automatic correction of heating speed, etc.

Five, the product is durable: the import bearing product development and design science is reasonable, the internal component quality is fine, the keyboard is dustproof, waterproof and oil-proof, compared with other heaters have a longer service life.

6. Wide range of use: not only for bearings, but also for the installation of sealed oil-bearing bearings, gears, toothed rods, sealing rings, spacers, pistons, axle sleeves, transmission belt wheels, gaskets, etc.

Seven, bearing products practical, complete models: from 2.0KVA to 100KVA different models.The suitcase with 2KVA is put in, and the one with more than 14KVA is put in a trolley, which is convenient for on-site construction.

Eight, environmental protection: the consumption of electricity is this renewable resource, clean no coke smoke, no smell, no waste, etc.Improving the working environment of the workers can not only reduce the labor intensity of the workers, but also improve the assembly schedule, so as to achieve civilized production, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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