To prevent the needle roller bearing cage measures of noise

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
To adhere to the orbit stability, should be used as far as possible ring guide way and pay attention to give to guide the abundant and smooth, tapered roller bearing structure to the high speed working conditions improved, change the roller guide L insist on frame to ring guard guide Z adhere to. Bearing high speed rotates, pocket large clearance of bearing by vibration amplitude is greater than the persistence of the small pocket hole clearance vibration amplitude, so the pocket hole clearance values are particularly important. Manufacturing precision progress insist on price as far as possible, improve the frame appearance quality, reduce rolling body and adhere to the attacks of collision or friction noise. Actively adopt advanced cleaning technology for spare parts and set of valid product stop after thorough cleaning, bearing the clean degree of progress. When bearing under the effect of radial load, its internal as long as several rolling body accept load, due to the elastic contact with ring composed of 'spring' bearing make after radial load line roller produced periodic vibration, and the vertical shaft center and meeting move or do direction move, at the same time cause noise. This kind of vibration is called after vibration roller, especially at low speed performance is more obvious. And its amplitude and bearing type, radial load, radial clearance and rolling element number. If the amplitude is small, usually large amplitude when the hazards, decrease the radial clearance is often used for this or applying proper pre-load to reduce.
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