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Introduction to world famous brand bearings

Introduction to world famous brand bearings


SKF group was born in 1907 when sven winkvist, a Swedish engineer, invented the spherical ball bearing in his hometown of gothenburg.SKF bearings operate worldwide.In 1988, SKF bearing China co., LTD was established in Hong Kong. 

SKF bearing is a leading brand in the design, production and marketing of rolling bearing products. SKF also performs well in linear motion products, high-precision aerospace bearing products and mechanical tool spindles. SKF also provides high quality bearing steel.


SKF bearings has always maintained a diverse business operation to meet the needs of the global market.At the same time, SKF has spared no efforts to actively invest in r&d and support specific industries, thus contributing to many innovative products and standards.

SKF bearing company provides more than 20,000 kinds of standard bearings.Small ones, such as tiny bearings weighing only 0.003 grams, can be as large as giant bearings weighing 34 tons each.The varieties include deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, needle roller bearings and many other types.In addition, SKF also provides a range of bearing maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments to enable bearing users to achieve higher efficiency and worth-free operation.

FAG bearings

In 1883, Friedrich Fischer, founder of FAG bearings in Germany, invented the spherical grinder in the city of schweinfurt, so that steel balls could be made into absolute circles.The invention of FAG bearing is recognized as the basis of the whole rolling bearing industry.FAG is the world's first rolling bearing factory, a pioneer in the rolling bearing industry.

FAG bearing has always been in the forefront of the bearing field in the world. Currently, the models produced by FAG bearing company have covered a variety of industries, and are particularly prominent in the fields of railway, steel, paper, cement, mining and so on.Nevertheless, FAG bearing company still invests a large amount of r&d funds every year for the development of new products and the improvement of mature products, because the world is constantly moving forward, and the market demand and customer requirements are always epoch-making.

Thanks to FAG's continuous efforts and improvement, FAG bearing products successfully entered the most demanding users (such as BMW, Volkswagen, gm...).Become its long-term, stable supporting manufacturers.Top manufacturing technology, rigorous scientific management mode, humanized and global sales strategy have created the world's FAG

NSK bearings NSK, founded in 1916, is Japan's first brand bearings, imported bearing the brand Japanese seiko strains of type to type, main products are bearings, 28 owned factory in Japan, the annual sales of $4.4 billion, the world's bearing with a 13% share of the market.At the same time, in 1998, KOYO SEIKO CO (KOYO SEIKO CO) was established in kunshan, the production base of NSK in China.Founded in 1921, KOYO has 8 factories, 6 sales companies and 6 group companies. It has 24 sales branches and 26 factories abroad. It has established 3 technical research centers all over the world. 

Koyo co., LTD. Is a world comprehensive bearing manufacturer with a long history and culture, ranking the third in Japan. 

Koyo bearing co., ltd. of Japan, as a research and development company of comprehensive functional products, is committed to making contributions to the increasingly perfect coordination between human beings and the earth, society and automobiles through the manufacture of automobile bearings, steering gear and their parts.

NTN bearing

NTN bearing company was founded in 1918 in Japan, headquartered in the western part of Osaka city, there are 11 production offices, 25 business offices and 3 research institutes in Japan.It has 20 wholly owned manufacturing plants, 2 research institutes and 48 business offices abroad.NTN bearing production, sales, technology departments to explore and deepen their own professional fields, but also organically combined with each other. 

NTN imported bearings - the world's comprehensive precision machinery manufacturers

Japan's NTN bearing precision machining technology and unique know-how are accumulated and developed on the basis of the long-term development of bearings, now widely used for the production of all fields of precision machinery.This is the constant creation of new value NTN bearing development new logo.

How to minimize friction coefficient and improve energy efficiency?NTN bearing technology has achieved the world's nanometer-scale precision.Such precision, once an extravagant hope, is now being applied to all sectors of the industrial sector, including orbiting satellites, aviation, railways and automobiles, papermaking equipment, office equipment and food machinery.

SAMICK bearing

South Korea SAMICK bearing company is a professional production plant automation related products, sales and development of their own linear bearing based enterprises. 

Developed series products are: SAMICK linear bearings, linear roller guide, SAMICK bearing SAMICK bearing linear guide, ball screw SAMICK bearing, miniature linear guide, SAMICK bearing SAMICK bearing cross roller guide rail, SAMICK bearing to bearing rotating sleeve bearing, SAMICK bearings, ball bearing slide group, SAMICK bearing CAM driven roll bearing, SAMICK bearing castellated strains.

UBC bearing

The United States UBC (youbicheng) bearing company has obtained the ISO9001 quality control system certification of UBC standardized quality assurance system, to ensure the quality of UBC bearings produced in various countries in the world consistency.The bearing rings of UBC brand in the United States have been supplied to international famous multinational companies for a long time, which is more suitable for the demand of high quality and low price bearings in the Chinese market. 

The warehouse of UBC bearing company is 4000 square meters, and it keeps about 15 million us dollars of bearing inventory, including all kinds of UBC brand deep groove ball bearings, centripetal thrust ball bearings, automatic centering bearings, automatic centering roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, flat thrust bearings, outer spherical bearing pedestal, etc. 

UBC bearing company mainly distributes UBC products through authorized agents and dealers all over the world to provide perfect service for customers.We sincerely invite outstanding people in the industry to join UBC China distribution network to create and share the success brought by UBC. 

Tree hundred years of enterprise, as always, professional care, you will win the promise of experts!Professional care, half a century as a day.

NACHI bearings

Since its founding in 1928, NACHI has been devoted to the development of mechanical technology.Now the company has grown into a comprehensive electromechanical manufacturer, providing basic equipment and components for a wide range of industrial fields. 

With the business philosophy of "making contribution to the development of manufacturing industry", NACHI has three major machinery manufacturing enterprises, including mechanical tools, functional parts and materials.After 75 years of development, the company has continuously combined various core technologies to promote research and development.At present, the company's main products are cutting tools, machine tools, bearings, hydraulic equipment, automatic production robots, special steel, ultra-precision machinery and environmental systems for IT industry. 

With its head plant in toyama, Japan, and production bases in north and South America, Europe, and Asia, NACHI has established permanent representative offices and sales outlets worldwide to quickly and accurately track market trends and satisfy customers' needs. 

NACHI's purpose is to "extend technology by combining technologies," making full use of core technologies such as materials, machining, accessories and systems to promote research and development.Believing that "only high quality materials can produce high quality products," NACHI became a manufacturer of everything from basic materials to end products.The bearings named after NACHI became one of the four most famous bearings in Japan.

TIMKEN bearing

TIMKEN bearings is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced engineered bearings and alloy steel with more than 100 factories and offices in 25 countries. 

In 1985, Henry TIMKEN, founder of TIMKEN bearings, designed a bearing with tapered rollers, a revolutionary technical design.The new bearings, called tapered roller bearings, were first used in wagons, significantly reducing friction, and were patented three years later.It is now the world's largest tapered roller manufacturer and the world's second largest needle roller bearing manufacturer.

Since its establishment, TIMKEN bearing company has developed steadily and become a global supplier of advanced bearings and high quality bearings, serving an increasing number of customers around the world.Today, the listed company is a leading manufacturer of tapered roller bearings and alloy seamless mechanical steel tubes.

TIMKEN bearings produce 230 types and 26,000 tapered roller bearings of different specifications, which are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, general industry and railway industries of the world.More than 20 TIMKEN bearing plants on five continents all produce products according to the unified quality standard. 

TIMKEN bearings has six steel mills in the United States focused on producing alloy steel, including seamless steel tubes, steel rods, billets and ingot products.These products are used in every major industry in the world.

I NA bearing

INA bearing, a subsidiary of schaeffler group, was founded in 1946 and headquartered in nuremberg, Germany.Since its establishment, Germany INA bearing company has been committed to product innovation to meet the needs of customers and to provide high quality assurance, making it the world's leading supplier of rolling bearings and recognized partner of automobile manufacturers. 

At present, Germany INA bearing company has more than 30 production plants, more than 30,000 employees, the development of a wide range of products: rolling bearings, sliding bearings, linear guide system, high precision products, engine parts.Products involved in the industry include: agricultural machinery industry, construction industry, hydropower and wind engineering industry, engineering machinery, machine tools and manufacturing machinery industry, material handling and packaging industry, port engineering industry, electric tool industry, transmission industry, semiconductor industry, pump and fan industry, industrial robots and automation industry, rubber, plastic and chemical industry, textile industry, tractor industry, woodworking machinery industry, etc. 

Exquisite rolling bearing technology, advanced technology of the production plant, high quality quality standards make INA enjoy a global reputation and enduring.It has been fully proved in millions of practical applications.INA products are reliable mechanical parts with both cost and benefit, and INA products are reliable mechanical parts with both cost and efficiency. INA products provide a variety of different size series for rotating motion, linear motion and even various special technologies.For all kinds of special technology to provide a variety of different size series, for the design of various industries to provide valuable technical support.

IKO bearing

IKO, a registered trademark of Thomson corporation of Japan, is a technology and technology development-oriented manufacturer of industrial parts, mainly made of needle bearings and guide bearings. 

IKO products have become the representative of quality brand products, through the global marketing network to achieve the user's convenience, fast service commitment. 

IKO needle bearing with its special internal structure to achieve mechanical design of small, lightweight.The guide rail bearing is based on the high quality of the needle roller bearing. It is precision machined by the unique mechanical equipment and evaluated by the latest machines. The products always maintain high performance and high quality.

IJK bearings

IJK bearing is a famous Japanese manufacturer of high-speed rotating precision bearings, miniature bearings and power tool bearings.INOUE JIKUUKE KOGYO co., LTD., founded in 1944, has a history of more than 50 years, dedicated to the development and development of special series bearings. 

Its products have a high technical content, widely used in modern high-tech equipment, in order to meet the production of high quality products. 

With the efforts of IJK, the miniature spherical bearings, high-speed rotating precision bearings and high-speed rotating power tool bearings are of high quality and enjoy a high reputation in the world.In addition, the products produced have also obtained a lot of science and technology certification, and obtained QS9000, ISO9002, ISO14001 and other certification certificates.

The spirit of IJK is to produce high quality products and contribute to the manufacturing industry in the world.

NMB bearing

Meibaiya co., LTD., founded in 1951, is the first professional manufacturer of high precision miniature bearings in Japan.Up to now, meibaiya has developed into a world leading manufacturer of miniature ball bearings and high precision components.The products are used in information and communication equipment, aerospace industry, automobile industry and home appliance manufacturing.The leading products of bearings are micro and small bearings, small precision motors, fan motor bearings and other varieties of more than 2000 kinds, is the world's largest micro and small bearing production enterprises.

ASAHI bearing

ASAHI ASAHI seiko was founded in 1928 and initially only produces bearings.In 1951, it was the first manufacturer in Japan to start producing the bearing with the seat, and it is also the professional manufacturer of the bearing with the seat. 

Since then, as a pioneer, the company has been committed to the standardization and quality standards of the mounted bearings.After 1975, the company began making other new products, such as linear motion products.In the industry, ASAHI bearings have now become a trusted brand. 

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