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How to maintain bearings to extend the service life of bearings

How to maintain bearings to extend the service life of bearings


How long do we need to maintain the bearings while they are in operation, and how long will the bearings last?"In general, bearings can theoretically last 200,000 and 80,000 hours.However, the specific life depends on wear and tear during use and the working strength.The service life of each bearing is also different, if the bearing is in good repair, it can extend the service life of the bearing, if the bearing is not in good repair, even less than an hour will be scrapped, this is possible.The service life of the bearing also depends on the daily maintenance of the bearing and the quality of the bearing.

Antirust bearings generally use dry cleaning cloth to clean the dry bearings, and then put in antirust oil immersion.In this process, the bearing must be in full contact with the antirust oil, and constantly rotate the bearing, so that the oil film formed by the antirust oil can cover the bearing surface, to achieve the purpose of antirust.

Next, use lithium grease, butter, and evenly spread on the surface of the bearing, including the inner and outer rings, wheels and cage.And in the rotation of the bearing side rub, so that the butter really into the bearing, play a full role of lubrication.First, put the bearings into the gasoline cleaning, wipe off the bearing mud and dust residue, with gold sandpaper gently wipe all rusty bearings until the hands do not feel rough.

The final step is packaging.To save money, we "trash" the cement packaging from the warehouse, cut it into appropriately sized bags with compact axles, wrapped, labeled with bearing specifications and models, and then put it back on the shelf for storage.

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