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Working characteristics and selection principle of joint bearing

Working characteristics and selection principle of joint bearing


The general structure of the joint bearing from the overall structure of the joint bearing composition is simple, in the work according to the form of lubrication to determine the specific structure of the work surface.Because the joint bearings are mostly used at low speed, the main lubrication state is self-lubrication and liquid lubrication.The direction of the load should be within the action arc and have the function of self-positioning.Bearing capacity is higher than that of general bearings. If oil lubrication is adopted, the relationship between lubrication parameters should be established with spherical coordinates due to the contact of arc surface, high temperature rise of lubrication and complicated calculation of lubrication.The principle of selection in work is usually to select the appropriate structure, materials, surface anticorrosion and bearings of a certain size that can meet the requirements of working conditions according to the load, sliding speed, operating temperature and environmental requirements.

1. Structure type

According to the type of load load to choose the joint bearing: mainly under the radial load to choose the centripetal joint bearing;Angular contact joint bearings are used for loading under combined radial and axial action.Thrust joint bearing is mainly used for axial load.

According to the bearing load direction to choose the joint bearing: the joint bearing by the load has a constant load, alternating load, pulse load three.All kinds of bearings are suitable for fixed direction load;The alternating load is the joint bearing of the metal - to - metal friction pair.Single joint bearing capacity is the best for joint bearing of the same size.

2. Lubrication requirements

Because of the special use of joint bearings, the requirements of lubrication are quite different from those of general bearings.In general, according to the conditions of use to determine.High speed use oil lubrication, mostly grease lubrication, special requirements use solid lubrication.Solid lubrication is mostly made into self - lubricating bearings.

3. Operating temperature and environmental conditions

The operating temperature is mainly to consider the selection of materials for the joint bearing, so as not to cause the thermal damage of the joint bearing.Environmental conditions mainly include whether there is a dust protection and corrosion protection requirements, to choose special structures and special materials.

4 clearance

The clearance of the joint bearing shall be determined according to the working conditions of the bearing, such as load, sliding speed, temperature difference, lubrication requirements and fit and material.In general, high speed and heavy load choose large clearance;High temperature and temperature gaps;Select small clearance for light load and high motion accuracy.

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