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What types of robot bearings include

What types of robot bearings include


As one of the important parts of the robot, the robot bearing plays a vital role in the product quality and performance of the robot, so how should we choose when designing the robot? What types of robot bearings are there?

1. Cross roller bearing

Crossed roller bearing is one of the commonly used robot bearings at present. It is a special type bearing with outer ring rotating and inner ring split. 

Due to the particularity of its structure, it can bear multi-directional loads such as radial load, axial load and moment load. The size of the crossed roller bearing can be miniaturized according to the requirements of the equipment, and the ultra-thin form of the bearing is even close to the limit of small size, it has high rigidity, and the precision can reach P5, P4, P2 level. 

It is often used in the joints and rotating parts of industrial robots, the rotating table of machining centers, hospital equipment, military industry, IC manufacturing equipment and other equipment. There are RA, RB, RU, CRBH, SX and other models.

2. CRBT Micro Robot Bearing

The representative CRBT type of this type of bearing is to reduce the thickness of the inner and outer rings of the RA-type crossed roller bearing to the limit, and is especially suitable for small robots with light weight and very compact structure design, such as small service robots and collaborative robots. , exoskeleton robots, radar communication, medical equipment, rotating parts of minimally invasive robots, commonly used models are CRBT105, CRBT205, CRBT305, CRBT405, CRBT505, etc.

3. Thin-walled and equal-section bearings

Thin-walled equal-section bearings are also called equal-section thin-walled bearings. This type of bearing has equal dimensions in the radial and axial sections and is relatively thin. 

Since the two cross-sectional dimensions of normal bearings are not equal, this type of bearings is classified as a separate category, collectively referred to as equal-section thin-walled bearings. Thin-walled bearings have an extremely thin bearing section, which realizes the miniaturization and weight reduction of the product, and greatly expands its application range.

In order to enable the bearing to have low friction torque, high rigidity and good rotation accuracy, steel balls with small outer diameters are usually used in thin-walled bearings. The use of the hollow shaft ensures light weight and space for wiring.

4. Other categories

In addition to cross-roller bearings and thin-walled bearings, there are other types of robot bearings such as harmonic reducer bearings, hollow rotary platform bearings, linear bearings, joint bearings, etc.

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