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participates in the crackdown on supply of counterfeit bearings

participates in the crackdown on supply of counterfeit bearings


Gothenburg, December 6, 2016: WXing is involved in three anti-counterfeit bearing operations in China. The raids were carried out by the Chinese police. In the three operations, a large number of fake and shoddy bearings were seized, thus preventing the fake products from flowing to users.

"In general, fakes are a problem for luxury goods and consumables," said Tina Astrom, director of brand protection at WXing. But it is also a headache for industrial brands around the world. Although the sale of counterfeit bearings is still a big problem in China, the laws and regulations are so strong that we can go after those who sell fake products."

"Among the seizures were fake large cylindrical roller bearings. This counterfeit bearing has visible damage, which, when installed on the machine, simply cannot meet the performance requirements of the machine. The failure of counterfeit bearings is extremely serious and can easily lead to massive damage to surrounding machines, which can lead to unplanned shutdowns and financial losses to end users."

WXing's brand protection team participates in nearly 120 operations each year against counterfeit products in the retail, distribution and production sectors, half of which take place in China.

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