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Bearing life enhancement test

Bearing life enhancement test


Proocation tests is imperative proocation tests (StimulationTest), also known as environmental stress proocation tests, and simulation test (SimulationTest) on the contrary, it is of choose and employ persons for applying the method of environmental stress, accelerate bring out and eliminate the latent defects in the product to achieve the purpose of improving reliability, so when test not pass, not only but require bring out the potential defects the more the better, it is the long known, but much more slowly than analog test development.G. k. obbs, k. a. g. ray and l.w. dra, who were pioneers in the internationalization of rapid test technology, called these tests the high accelerated life test (HALT) and the high accelerated stress screening (HASS). 

The former for the design, the latter for the production, the core of the method is to apply large stress, step by step, and eliminate defects, so it is also called step by step stress method, in order to obtain high reliability.From the end of 1980s to the beginning of 1990s, it has been popularized in various industrial sectors, and has achieved great success without exception. However, there are still many important achievements that have not been declassified and published due to commercial competition and the confidentiality of military industry. 

In its series of papers, l.dra said that in the 1980s, American manufacturers realized the importance of quality and understood that the market would only accept products with high quality and low price. In the 1990s, they also realized the importance of reliability and understood that the market not only required high packing rate of products, but also required good performance during the design life.This is the new challenge to reliability, and RET is the best way to meet it.Condra pointed out that the traditional definition of reliability is too passive to cope with the rapidly changing dynamic market. The manufacturer is only responsible for the user's condition (specification), and is not responsible for the use of the product, which inevitably leads to the failure in the market.An aggressive definition of market reliability emerged in the 1990s.A reliable product should always be able to do what the user needs it to do.As a result, the manufacturers become passive to active, understand the user demand for products, pay attention to the development of the market, continuously improve the update products, more than by the quality of reliability for expanding market share, to obtain profitable return, so the cost of reliability, it is no longer a burden, on the contrary companies reliability is the pursuit of an asset, a kind of wealth.However, the traditional reliability test is very expensive and time-consuming, so it is necessary to develop a new economic and effective alternative method to meet this demand, which is RET method.The theoretical basis of RET technology is Physicsoffailure, which takes fault or failure as the main object of research and improves the reliability through discovering, researching and eradicating faults. 

For today's highly complex electronic or electromechanical products, it is not easy to find potential faults, especially some "latent" deep or intermittent faults, it is necessary to use the method of strengthening stress to force its exposure, RET method has been proved to be effective in practice.China's bearing industry is still rarely heard of bearing life excitation test, let alone done bearing life excitation test.In our communication with the world class international large companies in the United States, we learned about their use of the excitation test technology to test the bearing life index in China.With China's accession to the WTO and the deepening of the opening to the outside world, the bearing life excitation test technology will be exposed to the Chinese bearing industry. 

It is true that to implement the fast bearing life test, it is necessary to have the corresponding bearing life test machine, the traditional ZS bearing life test machine "big horse trolley" RET can also achieve a certain degree of success.However, due to the bearing capacity, structural strength, system rigidity and other technical parameters, the degree of speed is far from reach.

The bearing industry in China had doubts about the bearing life enhancement test at the earliest. It was not until the mid-1990s that the bearing quality evaluation enhancement test of Volkswagen was introduced with the deepening of the opening up and communication.However, the bottleneck which affects the development of rapid test application still exists.There is still a lack of research on this issue.

ABLT type series bearing Life strength Tester is designed and developed by our country, with completely independent intellectual property rights of new machine service Life, and the rolling bearing Life improved experimental system technology (A2BLT + F2AST) (AutomaticAcceleratedBearing Life Tester & Fast Failure AnalysisSystemTechnology) method is to solve the problem of assembly hardware and software.On the basis of the achievements of the former ministry of mechanical industry development fund and zhejiang provincial natural science fund, hangzhou bearing test and research center successfully developed the ablt-1 and ablt-1a life strengthening test machines on the hardware, further developed the A2BLT life strengthening test machines, and seriated the ABLT life testing machines.Ablt-2, ablt-3, ablt-4 and ablt-5 life strengthening test machines have been developed successively.

On the other hand, the technology of rolling bearing rapid failure analysis system is further studied.It includes three aspects: rapid failure diagnosis technology, rapid failure analysis technology and rapid failure treatment technology.After more than 10 years of continuous improvement, from ablt-1 to A2BLT, the ABLT series of enhanced test system technology has been gradually improved, and gradually been recognized by bearing companies and their users at home and abroad, and more than 100 bearing companies and their users have chosen the ABLT series of bearing strengthening testing machine.At present, with the intensification of economic globalization and resource localization, international bearing manufacturers and large bearing users have a growing demand for improving the comprehensive quality of bearings, especially the life and reliability of bearings.International large companies will further strengthen the global procurement of bearings, bearing life rapid test internationalization trend will be very obvious.

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