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Radial support bearing

Radial support bearing


The # 1 ~ 4 bearings of this turbine adopt horizontal, upper and lower, middle surface, bidirectional tilting tile structure bearings, which are connected by bolts and locating pins.

The tilting tile bearing usually consists of six curved tiles lined with babbitt.The upper and lower half bearings have three blocks, which are evenly distributed. The three tiles of the upper half bearing are equipped with adjustment blocks, which can adjust the clearance between the tilting tile and the neck of the rotor shaft. The running stability of the rotor shaft neck in the bearing is largely related to the clearance value.

The radial clearance of bearing supported by this tilting tile is designed as 0.0013 ~ 0.0015 of the diameter of the bearing hole, with a maximum value of 0.002. If it exceeds 0.2%, the tilting tile needs to be replaced.

The upper tile of the tilting tile bearing is provided with an oil groove, and the lower tile of the bearing is provided with a thermocouple to measure the temperature of the tile.Pins are arranged on both sides of the lower bearing body near the horizontal middle parting surface to prevent the bearing body from turning.

The metal temperature of each bearing is designed to be no more than 90℃, and wujin material is allowed to operate for a long time below 112℃.

The # 5 ~ 8 bearing of this steam turbine adopts elliptic tile bearing, which is of the upper and lower halves, with a horizontal and middle plane structure.It mainly consists of a tile pillow and a tile block.The upper and lower halves are connected by bolts, and the tiles and the earthen pillows are spherical, which can ensure the self-aligning ability of the elliptical bearings.The vertical diameter clearance of the bearing is designed to be 0.0013 of the diameter of the bearing hole, while the horizontal diameter clearance is designed to be 0.0026 of the diameter of the bearing hole.

Spherical contact is used between the bearing body and the bearing ring, and the spherical seat of the bearing is made by hand scraping and installed on each bearing for proper freedom of movement.The maximum clearance of the inner diameter of the elliptical tile bearing is 0.0025 of the diameter of the inner hole. When the clearance value reaches or exceeds this maximum, babbitt alloy shall be remolded.In order to facilitate the flow of lubricating oil in and out of the bearing bush, the babbitt alloy is cut off at the middle surface of the bearing to make it into a rounded corner. This rounded corner area can be extended to the second end of the bearing, and the oil enters the bearing from the horizontal bonding surface on the upward side of the oil flow.A limited oil hole is drilled in the oil groove on the other side of the horizontal bonding surface. This limited oil hole can limit the amount of oil discharged from the lubricating oil, so that it can establish a small pressure at the outlet of the bearing lubricating oil. A small part of the lubricating oil is discharged into the lubricating oil observation box through the outlet.

The upper part of the oval bearing is provided with an oil groove, and the lower part of the bearing is provided with a thermocouple to measure the temperature of the tile.

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