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Symptoms, Causes And Detection Of Automobile Rear Wheel Bearing Damage

Symptoms, Causes And Detection Of Automobile Rear Wheel Bearing Damage


The rear wheel bearing of a car is broken

Caused abnormal sound, is the main performance of the rear wheel bearing is broken.To judge whether the rear wheel bearing of the car is broken, you can speed up the car to glide in neutral. If the buzzing sound does not change, then the rear wheel bearing is broken.If it is broken, it will produce a lot of heat. You can drive the car for a period of time, park it at the side of the road, touch the hub wheel shaft with your hand, and feel the temperature is significantly higher than the normal temperature.There is also a point, is when the speed is fast, can feel the soles of the feet have a fine vibration.

The main reasons for the damage of rear wheel bearings are:

The damage and rust of parts, the entry of foreign bodies or the deflection of the escalator will cause damage, and the acid liquid and moisture remain for a long time, will also cause the rust of parts.

Poor lubrication, if the lubricating grease between the rolling body and the raceway is insufficient, the two will produce dry friction, thus issuing the abnormal sound of metal friction.

Distance problem.There is a proper gap between the parts and the parts of the car, and when the distance between the rolling body and the roller table is small, it is easy to friction and heat, causing bearing sintering.

The detection of automobile wheel bearings is not complicated.

The first step is to lift the vehicle with a lift machine, so that the wheels are suspended and the handbrake is released.

The second step, when detecting the non-driving wheel, you can manually turn the wheel from slow to fast to check whether there is noise in the bearing;

Step 3. When checking the driving wheels, start the vehicle and let the wheels roll to check for additional noise from the bearings.

There is also a special case to pay attention to, some bearing failure is not heard only by tire idling, must be the car on the ground, let the bearing under pressure, in order to make an accurate judgment.

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