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What Are The Factors That Affect The Service Life Of Rolling Bearings?

What Are The Factors That Affect The Service Life Of Rolling Bearings?


1. Analysis of installation factors

For example: conveying roller table bearing seat gland installation, bearing seat sealing installation, is an important factor affecting bearing performance.The installation of bearing seat gland directly affects the radial clearance of bearings.Bearing clearance is too small, will lead to bearing overheating, aggravate bearing wear, bearing wear resistance can not play.It may also directly lead to bearing jamming.So before the gland installation, the correct use of highland barley paper to adjust the gland position.

The installation quality of the bearing seat seal (skeleton oil seal) affects the corrosion rate of the bearing.The bearing seat of the roller table works in a water-rich environment. The damage of the seal and the incorrect installation method in the installation process will lead to bearing water and iron oxide impurities, which will accelerate the corrosion speed of bearing components.The skeleton oil seal should avoid mechanical damage when it is installed, and the lip should be toward the outside of the bearing seat.

2. Bearing maintenance factors

For example, the maintenance of conveying roller table is divided into routine maintenance, operation inspection and fault disposal.

Daily maintenance of bearings is mainly lubrication. In the case of fully guaranteed lubrication, even in the most complex working environment, the service life of bearings can reach 5 to 10 years (about 20 million ~ 30 million RPM), but in the condition of poor lubrication, the life of bearings will drop to about 3 months (about 9 million RPM).The following is the service life of bearings under a variety of grease feeding methods.As can be seen from Table (1), continuous and sufficient wax feeding can make the bearing achieve a higher service life.If the oil supply is not timely, the service life of bearings will become very low in complex environments such as water, high temperature and dust.(see table 1)

The operation inspection of bearings is mainly to detect the temperature of the bearing seat.The bearing seat temperature of the roller table before and after the rolling line is generally about 4O℃.Even in the early wear of bearing cage and rolling body, the temperature rise of bearing seat is not high and will not exceed 43 ~ 45~C.But with the further wear and inclusion of the internal components of the bearing, the temperature of the bearing seat will rise to 4550~C.At this time, the bearing capacity of the rolling body becomes more uneven, and even cracks and mislocations appear.Once the rolling body is cracked or misplaced, the bearing seat will have a sharp temperature rise, accompanied by the smoke of the bearing seat and the bearing is stuck, the temperature of the temperature measuring point of the bearing seat will rise to 150 to 170℃.At this point the bearing has been completely scrapped.

In order to achieve a long service life of bearings, in the early stage of bearing wear, the bearing should be cleaned, replaced with grease in time, and the bearing seat gland position should be adjusted to appropriately increase or decrease the thickness of gaskets.In order to prolong the service life of bearings.

3. Environmental factors

Despite the heavy plate production line of rolling bearing running environment is complex, such as overloading, such as high speed, more water, affects the service life of rolling bearing, we can still through continuous efforts to improve the site to create a more favorable environment for bearing (such as bearing base cushion, bearing coated waterproof layer, etc.) in order to prolong the service life of bearing.

Rolling bearings are a kind of precision mechanical components produced by specialized factories and highly standardized.Among many economic and technical indicators affecting rolling bearings, life index is the most direct, rapid and comprehensive reflection of bearing quality.Although people have made accurate and perfect considerations from the design to the overall structural design, sometimes the service life of bearings is greatly reduced due to uncertain negligence or some external factors.Through a series of investigations, according to a large number of background materials, analysis data and failure form analysis, find out the main causes of bearing failure, so that we can put forward targeted improvement measures to extend the service life of bearings.

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