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Industry standard for bearing clearance

Industry standard for bearing clearance


Grease lubrication is a sealing way in which grease is pre-filled in the sealed import bearing, proper interference is given when the inner and outer rings of the imported bearing are installed, and proper amount of grease is filled inside the shell, and the filling and grease supply way is made every period of time. 

In addition, the rigid import bearing configuration combination in the import bearing for the machinery that has many parts of the import bearing need lubrication, but also adopts the centralized grease supply way that the pipeline connects to each part of the lubrication. 

1) Amount of grease filled

Ruijing concluded that the filling amount of grease in the housing of various materials used to make imported bearing retainers varies with the structure and volume of the housing, and it is generally appropriate to fill up to 1/3 to 1/2 of the capacity. 

When the filling quantity is too much, the grease will deteriorate, age and soften due to the heat of stirring. 

But when used for low-speed inlet bearing, it is sometimes filled to 2/3 of the volume to prevent foreign body invasion.2) Supplement and replacement of grease

The supplementation and replacement of several imported bearing steel greases which may be used to produce imported bearings is closely related to the mode of lubrication. No matter which method is used, clean greases must be used and care must be taken to prevent the invasion of external foreign bodies. 

The replenishment grease should be of the same brand. 

When greasing, it is particularly important to ensure that the new grease does enter the imported bearing

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