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Introduction to single row deep groove ball bearing

Introduction to single row deep groove ball bearing


Single row deep groove ball bearing seat, rolling bearing seat is the most representative structure, widely used.The raceway located on the inner and outer rings has a cross-section with a radius slightly larger than the radius of the rolling ball. 


In addition to bearing the race to match, it can also bear the axial load in two directions.The subterfuge torque is small, the most suitable for high speed rotation, low noise, low vibration. 


This type of bearing seat, in addition to the way to open, there are steel plate bearing seat with dust cover, rubber seal bearing seat, or the bearing seat with a stop ring on the outer diameter of the outer ring. 


Generally, steel plate stamping cage is used.Main applicable cage: steel plate stamping cage (waveform, crown...Single row;S form...Double row);Copper alloy or phenolic resin cut cage, synthetic resin forming cage.


Main applications: automobile: rear wheel, transmission, electrical device parts;Electric: general electric motors, household appliances. 


Others: instruments, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, railway rolling stock, loading, unloading and handling machinery, agricultural machinery, various industrial machinery.


Rolling bearing is generally by the inner ring and outer ring, rolling element and cage, in which the role of the inner ring is match with shaft and shaft rotation, outer ring is used to match the bearing powerfully, supporting role, rolling body is with the aid of maintains a uniform distribution of the rolling element between inner ring and outer ring, its shape size and quantity directly affects the use performance and life of rolling bearing, maintain uniform distribution can make the roller, prevent fall off, roller guide roller rotation lubrication.

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