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Method of sealing deep groove ball bearings

Method of sealing deep groove ball bearings


In order to help you understand and use deep groove ball bearings better, we introduce several common sealing methods of deep groove ball bearings.Users who have used deep groove ball bearings should be aware that there are usually two types of seal for deep groove ball bearings: self-seal and external seal.

Independent seal is mainly a contact seal design.As the seal is in direct contact with the shaft, friction and wear will occur during use, so it is only suitable for low-speed applications.Contact seal mainly has felt ring seal and lip seal.Felt seal is deep groove ball bearing cover on the trapezoidal groove.The felt is made of a standard ring or belt and is placed in a trapezoidal groove in close contact with the shaft.Felt-ring seal is mainly used for grease lubrication.The structure is simple, but the friction coefficient is large.Only in the case that the sliding speed is less than 4m/s and the operating temperature is not higher than 90°C, the lip seal is made of oil-resistant rubber in the deep-groove ball bearing cover, which is tightly covered on the shaft by the elasticity of the bending rubber and the tightening action of the additional ring coil spring.Seal it up.Seal lips in the direction of the seal.That is, if it is primarily used for sealing oil, the sealing lip should handle deep groove ball bearings (inward).If the main purpose is to prevent foreign matter, the sealing lip should be kept away from the deep groove ball bearing.If these two requirements are required, it is best to use two lip seals, which seal the lips in opposite directions.Lip seals can be used to contact surfaces with sliding speeds less than 10 m/s or less than 15 m/s.

The outer seal is designed primarily for labyrinth and contact combinations.The smaller the maze stages (no less than the poles), the better the seal.According to the size of deep groove ball bearing, the radial clearance of labyrinth is 0.6~1.5mm, and the axial clearance is 4~6mm.Contact frame seals are widely used in rolling mills and can be used side by side to improve efficiency.The oil seal is directional and cannot be reversed.Hot tandem mills are usually equipped with two oil seals, both of which must be pointed to the outside of the bearing box to prevent external dust from entering.Cold rolling mill is usually equipped with three oil seals.The oil seal lip of deep groove ball bearing should be sealed inward to prevent oil leakage and affect the quality of rolling material.Be careful when using the oil seal to avoid damage to the lip and affect the sealing effect when loading the drum.

RBR seal ring is a special rubber lip seal ring for rolling mill bearing.RBR seal ring adopts axial seal, the lip is attached to the base surface of the press cover, not affected by the rolling jump.The old grease in the bearing can overflow, the external cooling water, iron oxide, impurities by the lip to prevent entry, with a good sealing effect.In addition, easy to use, the roller in the replacement of the roller is not affected by any load into the bearing housing.

Non-contact seal. This sealing method avoids sliding friction between contact surfaces.

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