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How to identify clearance of high temperature bearings

How to identify clearance of high temperature bearings


Clearance is the distance between a bearing ring and another bearing ring. If the clearance value does not meet the standard specification, it will interfere with the reasonable distribution of load between the rolling body, and reduce the rotating accuracy of the bearing as well as the service life.

The common high temperature bearing clearance measurement method has two kinds of plug gauge test method and lead wire test method, but these two methods make the unqualified bearing incidence is low, and the time is long.Stabilize the inner ring of the bearing under test with the inner ring of the bearing under test, measure the larger activity of the outer ring of the bearing under test along the radial direction, and then measure the bearing clearance value.

The measuring instrument is composed of base, bearing inner ring stable seat (upper, lower), lock nut, dial gauge, magnetic watch seat, watch frame and other components.When using the measured bearing flat, in bearing inner ring within the solid block, twist lock nut, measured bearing inner ring is solid, reoccupy magnetic table, table carriage will dial indicator in the center of the measuring tool base line, make table tip in contact with the measured surface of the bearing outer ring and vertical, repeatedly with the hand flat bearing outer ring, then the scope of the dial indicator pointer swing is measured bearing clearance value.

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