NTN ball screw bearing maintenance technical considerations when using knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
With high temperature often said NTN bearing is in abnormal situation. High temperature also harmful to the bearing lubricant. Sometimes overheated bearings can be classified to the bearing lubricant. If the bearing temperature for a long time even the transfer of more than 125 ℃ lower ball screw bearing life. The causes of high temperature bearing include: lubrication inadequate or excessive lubrication, the lubricant. Contains impurities, heavy load, bearing damage, clearance, high friction and oil seal and so on. Compared with general machinery parts, high precision ball screw bearing, therefore also correspondingly should be careful when using. 1, keep the NTN bearing and its surrounding clean. 2, when used carefully: if the careless to the bearing to strong impact when using, can cause a scar, indentation, bearing fracture, etc. 3, using appropriate tools. 4, pay attention to the bearing rust. Should avoid to use in damp places, and to not make sweat stained, gloves should be worn. 5, the user should be familiar with bearing. Lubricating oil is the advantage of small frictional resistance, and heat dissipation, mainly used for high speed ball screw bearing and working environment of higher temperature, NTN bearing. Brand to choose according to the requirement of the car manual of lubricating oil, and car maintenance cycle change in time, released after the old oil is to add new oil after cleaning of institutions, oil should be added to the line, or refueling and flush ( Depending on the auto specific structure, requirements) , and not more. Lubrication time interval has a simple premise: in the ball screw bearing is not stopped by a dry and collapse operation under the condition of maintaining equipment reasonable running. This is a fixed concept of prevention. However, we must keep the balance between the lubrication excessive hunger and a lot of lubrication. Traditionally, the lubrication plan are set according to time. Equipment suppliers usually lubrication plan according to the operation time. And equipment suppliers in the process of their maintenance plan regularly for the amount of lubricating oil to join the instruction. Short-term replacement lubricating oil is a very common thing, but often add more grease. If request staff once every two to three weeks to replace lubricating oil, add each one ounce of grease. These suggest that the start cause they are in no I don't know the actual meaning of some factors on the set up.
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